A Spell Cast Poorly Ch. 1

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Tabitha isn’t a very good witch. She also struggles to find a boyfriend. Her son, Bernard, has an even harder time with dating. One day, Tabitha has enough. She ignores the elders’ warnings and casts a very difficult spell. It does not go according to plan.

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Illustrations by Conduit: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/conduit

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  1. Anteater

    This story is…different. I guess we will see to how this plays out.

  2. ChromeDragon

    The Artwork is different not what I am used too, but I do like that this story has magic involved. Looking forward to seeing how the art work flows with the story. I did like the magic book and spilling of blood etc. That seemed to fit a bit of Thaumaturgy.

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