A Mother Returned Ch. 1 to 14

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Penelope Nisha runs away from home in the middle of the night, leaving her loving husband and son. She returns two and a half years later with no memory of her departure or her time away. She throws herself into the role of loving mother and wife. But were things always so picture perfect for the family? Why does she have such odd new desires? Why did she leave? Penelope must put together the pieces of a life returned.

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4 out of 5 dark stones (based on 39 reviews)
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  1. Will

    I just can’t get into it. I actually think that this may be the first long story that I have not liked.

  2. JTass

    FYI – the page reference is incorrect in your post about the release of chapter 11 (comments are turned off on that post)

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the heads up. I forgot to update it. I’ll do that now.

  3. Lobria

    Hey Rawls and Dorian. So far I am really like this story. I find the plot to be very intriguing and keeps wondering what’s gonna happen and how did Penolpe get this way. Another thing that I like is that you have the mother being the one who is seducing the son usually you have it the other way around. Nice change of pace. It’s something you said you were gonna do in Legacy or so I thought you said but it didn’t happen so to see it happen here is very nice. Another thing that I like is that you don’t have winifired being the one who is causing all this to happen between them. Well at least now it doesn’t seem that way. You usually have a third party involved that get’s the ball rolling but not this time. At least so far from what we know. Nice change of pace. As for the son. I know where it’s going i think I do hope you keep his meanstreak in thorughout the story I don’t mind him forgiving and loving his mom but still being angry and letting it out on her like his girlfriend sounds oh so nice. So I hope he doesn’t become a goody goody at the end. some of the jerkness would be nice to still have which is where I hope your going. But I have my reservations. But regardless good story so far. Anyways wanted to put my two cents in. Also I like that you have the mother quickly giving her son a blowjob and other stuff that was quick and glad to see it. Get right to the point while still waiting for them having sex. Wish for a bit more characters but like I said story is still really good so I will keep reading regardless. like it so far take care you two and keep up the the good work.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying this one. CD and I are having fun putting it together! We’re looking forward to delving into some of the mysteries in upcoming chapters. More on the way!

    2. crazydorian

      Thanks for the well thought-out feedback, Lobria! As Rawly said, we’re having a lot of fun and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Lobria

        Thank you I do my best. I try to make it sound like I’m rambling which I admit is pretty difficult at times. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff. That honestly means a lot. I try to do my best to be critical but still enjoy your stuff.

  4. iacub

    5 is a great chapter. I love the way Penelope took the android’s advice and it turned into… that. I am excited to see where the relationship goes, but I am most curious about Winifred’s role moving forward.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! Winifred is very practical, I’m sure she’ll figure out how to handle her oddly behaving humans.

  5. MitchP

    Chapter 4 is numbered incorrect in both versions. Really liking the story so far, especially that it’s focused on Penny and Teddy’s relationship. Keep up the great work.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback and spotting the error. I have fixed it, the chapter numbers are correct now.

  6. AuntLover

    Enjoying the build up, Penelope is an absolute nymphomaniac. Can’t wait for the next chapter, I have a feeling things are about to spice up!

  7. Marty MG

    Ooh! Not much to go on yet! Patience! Someone Must be an Alternate! Cora?! Amnesiac Penny the only looker of the family. Just how biological can Winifred be?!! Hopefully more clues on Friday!

  8. Lobria

    So far I think it’s good not great but it’s only the first chapter so I need to see more. a few things during the story I don’t think you put she correctly when talking about the maid or robot. I think you put he and that threw me off so its during the part were the son and her are talking. Also doing few a bit different but again no mystical or something to make the sons dick bigger he is just naturally endowed don’t like that but alright I’ll read more. The mother stuff is intriguing wondering were you are going with that. Also looking at the character sheet I’m super disappointed with the low amount of characters. So the son is not gonna fuck a lot of women. I mean we have to wait and see the story could be great but right now I have way more reservations for this then I did for Le Belle. also the same character thing were the son is an ass and turns good I imagine. I hope that’s the case and he retains some of his jerky ways but oh well. Sorry I know it’s early so I will keep reading but a few red flags went up already reading this. but the mystery of the mother is intriguing so I will keep at it. see ya Rawls

    1. Elbulto

      Bro itโ€™s chapter one, give Rawls some faith. Not everything is going to be perfectly what you want at all times, and you donโ€™t even know where the story is going. Stop criticizing and be more supportive

      1. Lobria

        I understand that I was just giving my thoughts that’s all. I’m gonna keep reading it. But it was just an opinion.