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Poll ends on Friday. Vote for one only.

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  1. OldEd05

    I’m all for Vel becoming a sort of God-Emperor of Mankind with a harem and all, but keep it low key imo. You run the danger of jumping the shark otherwise. Keeping it grounded is only a good thing, THoPM lost a lot when it started bringing in gods and all that gaff. Your best stories are the more believable (up to a point) ones.

    1. Rawls

      I can see that Day Star wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I did enjoy writing him. But I do want to be mindful about jumping the shark for sure.

  2. Kuanyang

    I would like to see them meet at the least – but confrontation doesn’t seem like the best course.

    I don’t think that Vel is a demigod or anywhere near their level, based on just the dust from the stone?

    It would really be interesting to see Day Star; given the visions it should even be likely.

    1. Rawls

      Exactly the issue. Vel is a thoughtful, gentle man. And Discordia is well … the goddess of chaos. I’m not sure Vel could overpower her, or Hecate. Or even Pax. I also want to see Day Star, but only if he had something to add. I’m thinking about how this will all work.

  3. Schunn99

    Seed and breed, can a mortal breed a goddess in this universe? All for a vel demigod

  4. np_phreak

    I say yes, and let her be in the mood for some of vel’s special form of ‘combat’

  5. TBizEsq

    I’m loving how this brings DS into fantasy. I hope one of the gods from HPM makes it into this realm.

    1. Rawls

      I’ve been toying with having Day Star make an appearance …