Upcoming illustrated projects for June and beyond.

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Here is a list of all the planned illustrated projects. Some are one time events, others will repeat.

  1. Enki’s Puzzle with TenderMinDD (release this month)

  2. Noises in the Basement with Lexx228 (release this month)

  3. Dragon’s Blood with Mitzz (release this month)

  4. The Haunting of Palmer Mansion with JDseal (release this month)

  5. Coyote’s Trick with TenderMinDD (release this month)

  6. The Pleistocene Ring with Disarten (release in a few months)

  7. Nosferatu Next Door with Boule (release this month)

  8. Zapped! with Mslava (release in a couple months)

  9. The Jealous Girlfriend with SeventeenSam (release this month)

  10. Never Insult a Repecki with Diego J. (release in a couple months)

  11. Faaris Bakir’s Summer Off with Redoxa (release this month)

  12. The Talk with NGTVisualStudio (release this month)

  13. Something in the Water with NGTVisualStudio (release this month)

  14. Princess Na’Seen with  Dee Aquifolium (release in the next couple months)

  15. A Spell Cast Poorly with Conduit (release in the next few months)

  16. Roll Ten for a Save with CitCatComb (release this month)

  17. A Goddess Pays Her Debts (release in next couple months)


All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. petec

    I keep seeing hints about the Guide, is it posted on a different site or just in the works?

  2. Czoftw

    I don’t see any plans for an illustrated Wicked Tower, any chance of that happening?

    1. Rawls

      It’s not currently in development. It’s tricky to illustrated the really long novels, but when the right artist comes along, I’ll make it happen.

  3. Rawls

    Haha 🙂 I’ll try and word it better in the future.