Never Insult a Repecki Ch. 1 to 7

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Ummul is the first of his Repecki species to serve in the Outer Planets Fleet. He faces bigotry as a pioneer. One day he finds that his species’ mating ritual works on humans. Once a woman experiences the Invitation, she can’t get enough. If Ummul can’t get along with human husbands, at least he can bond with their wives.

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  1. Mithandriel

    Hey Rawls just wanted to ask when you think you will get around for another chapter here. Enjoying the story so far a lot.

    1. Rawls

      NickEronic is working on illustrating chapter 7. When he finishes, he’ll focus on Anything for Robby until that one is done. So it may be a while before I write Chapter 8.

  2. Noat

    Here you can reply with your feedback about chapter 1

    1. Noat

      Chapter 1 was a great start to the series. I like Ensign Ummul. I like how he looks and how he acts, he is respectful to his superiors and controls his emotions even if they are horrible to him, and he sticks to his world customs.

      I like the invitation mechanic, it is interesting

      I like that Ensign was focused on building a good relationship and always talked respectfully to Amelia even when she talked rudely to him.

      The whole sex scene was great, I love the writing of it. I love the effect the invitation fluid had on Amelia and I love the description of it, it’s very hot. I love how dominant and confident Ensign was during the sex and how submissive Amelia was. Him having her suck his dick, stripping her, carrying her around to find a place to fuck her, and then fucking her was so great to read. I love how Amelia was being taken over by Ensign’s cock and the orgasms, damn it’s so well written. I loved when Ensign took his dick out of Amelia’s pussy to fuck her ass, I have a weak spot for anal, I also loved that she started to be engaging. I love that she surrendered to him and wanted him to cum in her. I loved the part where Amelia was begging for more and not caring about her husband, she was broken by Ensign. I also like that after all this, Ensign still wants to get some reconciliation. The sex was just because he was sexually frustrated, Amelia looked amazing, her body accepted the invitation and he just wanted to fuck. I liked that he did not do it because of revenge

  3. Razzia

    Good story, a little hard to represent the repecky but it still works for me.
    Hope to see more and possible alien pregnancy?

    1. Rawls

      Working with an illustrator on this one. It’s been a slow process, but hoping the first chapter will be ready soon.

  4. spardax212

    Looking forward to more of this story.

    1. Rawls

      This one is getting illustrated, so I’ll write more as needed.