Poll for new short story ideas 1/8/22. CLOSED

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Your suggestion poll is here. BSA (the illustrator) and I narrowed down the list of prompts to five.  

Vote for your TWO favorite ideas. The winner will become a new multi-chapter story. Poll expires in one week: 1/15/22.

The winner of the poll is Book Club by one vote!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

858 days 15 hours left to vote
Choose the premise of a new story.
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  1. Gar48

    So it seems the idea about the book club has won. I wonder what the book is going to be about. Maybe the story of the stone throught the ages?

  2. bostant

    Maybe not a supernatural reason for mother to change. We dont need a dark stone or curse etc. every single time. how about a blackmail, financial dominance, something you did not explore

    1. greatwhiteape

      Honestly you can get those stories anywhere, I come here for the dark stone/slow corruption element.

    2. robo20

      I second this idea! Enough “stone.” While we’re at it why the constant replay of all the stories? The first time was good enough so carry on to the next story and leave the previous ones alone. I haven’t bohered to read the illustrated redo of Mothership since you had new drawings commissioned.

  3. AnonymousAndy

    Something I would like to see. Be it the Mom, Sister, Daughter… Whomever. Become so crazed or dependant on getting fucked that they pursue both their brother and father to absolutely use them and to double team. Kind of like the MC at the end of 12 days with the stone. But expanded on until they just want to be a human cocksleeve for as many dicks as they can have no matter who they are.

    1. Old-school Perv

      Kind of like Something in the Water? From what I can remember, that’s the only story with a large population of monster dick boys that RR has done. I’d certainly like more of that, or even a pair of twin brothers laying thick pipe to the women of the family. Not opposed to a brother with a futa sister doing the same. Just seems that since we’re already into the realm of impossible penetrations, having two meat poles stirring up the guts would be a fun addition. Double vaginal, double anal, and even just plain (vanilla) double penetration for the cock slaves of the Dark Stone Universe.

  4. Lobria

    Darn I wish you kept that last one open, I got busy and wasn’t able to put my idea down. As far as these selections go they do feel samey except for the one of the mom being the domaint one. I think that will be a nice change of pace. I also think we need more variety in these longer form stories. Just mom and son it’s fun but something different wouldn’t hurt. Like a mother and daughter full story. Have the daughter be the main character trying to seduce the mom. I would like that and just more mom and daughter fucking each other. I like that you are putting that more in your stories but I kinda want a lot more then a little. I feel that would help some us a lot more. Also the book club sounds interesting but if you do that I hope that if you make a Roy type character again that you make him the main character. Cause I’m not gonna lie I thought Patrick and his mom were the boring parts of something in the water. Roy was the best part and I felt so meh at the end that he didn’t win. I feel you should do something like that if you do something similar with the book club one. Also more diversity with the main cast. I would love a Latinos as the main character’s not just the same white people. You are a great writer but I do feel that you need to make the main stories a little different every once awhile. But I am intersed on what you are gonna do with these choices. Take Care.

  5. bostant

    The thing is these are all same stories that appear to be different. I wish you would be more open to some other ideas

  6. Old-school Perv

    Please God anything but the aliens. Mothership had enough sci-fi to last me a lifetime. Honestly hoping for the overbearing mother one. Too often the mother is a reluctant participant or gets swept up in the mind break. I like the corruption elements, but having it play the other way would be a nice change of pace. Femdom with the mother treating the son like a living dildo until he unleashes the sex beast would be fantastic. Role reversal reversal if you will.

    Also, the cabin one sounds good. A more long form version of the Principal Haskins chapter from HoPM. Mutual seduction born out of a rough situation. Even better if they get out of it and find themselves compelled to continue in secret.