Serum 42XXL Ch. 1 to 11

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A sister’s science experiment goes horribly wrong, changing her eighteen-year-old brother. Now, all the women who come in contact with the young man find him strangely attractive. No one is safe. Not his uptight married neighbor. Not his sister’s fellow scientists. Not even his mother and sister.

Illustrations by JDseal:

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4.9 out of 5 dark stones (based on 54 reviews)
Very good7%

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  1. Lance

    Another winner, the read was faster than other stories I’ve read here, but just as stimulating if not more. Waiting for the next instalment.

  2. cmj15301

    Loved the story, loved the artwork. I really wish in that chapter where he was fucking his sister and his mom caught them, then he grabbed her and kissed her had been illustrated. That would have been so HOT. I also found myself longing for a scene between mom & sis….maybe that’s not too late?

    5 stars.

  3. billys1

    i really liked it till ep 4 after it seemed a drag. nevertheless it was good.

  4. Simon S.

    It would be wonderful if this story was redone. It maybe simple but its still entertaining.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! I don’t expect to revisit this one, however.

  5. ChromeDragon

    I liked the art work in this a lot. So much beautiful art.
    The see thru moment with Rose Perkins dress was great and a treat among the art work.
    The story was of course wonderful it had certain things I rather liked. The mom was such a sweetie calling her children ragamuffins and other cute pet names made her lovable and seem more sympathetic at least to me. The sister held out a long time I liked that about her. Great story.

  6. Anteater

    I finished chapter 1, it was good for a start.

    1. Anteater

      Just finished chapter 5, I thought Jackson’s first would be his mother but you sure surprised me.

      1. Anteater

        Just finished chapter 11, it is Dark Sperm now. I tried but Dark Stone Sperm just does not sound right.