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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working with a new artist on a new story. The awesome Marry Nine has agreed to work on a project. You can find more from her on twitter:

This leads us to the what story we’ll work on together. That is going to be up to you. In fifteen words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. I’ll pick out my favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. rtr9209

    Young brother moves in with older married sister and her family Brother is very shy and awkward around girls. Big sister feels sorry for him and decides to give him pointers. Things escalate from there.

  2. elekhi

    Ancient Egypt: young Pharaoh wants to marry not only his sister(s), but also his mother.

  3. rcowtb

    Mom nit-picks and sabotages his relationships, so out of frustration he makes Mom his girlfriend.

  4. soxfanforever

    Young man unwittingly invites powerful fey lady home. Homestead fertility skyrockets. Surprising pregnancies “breed” competition.

  5. soxfanforever

    Emissary of Ēostre “blesses” a widowed village to breed like rabbits: rapidly with multiple offspring.

  6. Slick Pillar

    Native American mom, son, daughter. Have to survive alone together after fleeing tribal warfare. Thicc, mommy-bodied mom has intense needs… Ecstasy ensues.

    Side note: I’ve heard repeatedly that Native American men are the most well-endowed men on earth with not just great length but also girth. You seem to be obsessed with huge cocks Rawly so I figured this would appeal to you. Also, I would pay extra for pigtails on the mom, that’s what I want to see.

    Side, side note: 15 words or less is such a difficult challenge and as a great writer, you know that. Bitch.

    Thank you

  7. sanchopensa3

    A boy cross-dress to enter a nunnery to find his mother who abandoned him.

  8. 7Myxzptlk

    MC flees kingdom with mother and four sisters. Romance blossoms as they trek to sanctuary.

  9. leafer91

    Rawly, above all I trust your creative intuition an awful lot over mine. Your stories just scratch an itch that others don’t. I think what the incest kink offers that you serve well is a mix of taboo/”we shouldn’t do this” with a more loving side that we associate with relationships… and family to an extent. It blurs those lines well.

    That’s why my suggestion is to try and find a new way to deploy the dark stone. Enchanted Scepter is a new way to incorporate the stone (or a similar symbol) as a corrupting, but loving, influence. I hope you can find a new story that can explore that angle in a way you’ve as-yet not explored. There’s The Dark Stone and handling the stone found in the wild, there’s the breeding drug in MW that plays similar role, Enki’s godly powers symbolized in a puzzle box, Goddess’ magic in TWT, animal bite in Coyote’s Trick… maybe you do something like tell a story from the perspective of a young man who is a bit of a young schlub, games and watches twitch-style streams coming across a new streamer with a weird, but compelling vibe and a dark stone with red glowing veins in the bakcground that tells their story of their new home life and opens/influences the viewer/MCs mind to ideas never considered before and has strange effects on his family….

  10. rcowtb

    Son visits depressed mother in hospital, accidentally buys her Dark Stone necklace at gift shop.

  11. twisok3

    Meh, I’m not terribly good at keeping in mind the art styling and story pacing for illustrated stories.

    Older sister teaches brother to seduce women, she leaves realizing her desires, brother makes decision.

    I imagine this being 6 chapters.

    Ch. 1-3 Teaching brother
    Ch. 4 Sister leaving
    Ch. 5 Brother’s dilemma
    Ch. 6 Aftermath

  12. Simon S.

    The cults of great old ones and eldritch gods need sin to fuel their magic. The greater the sin, the greater the magic.

  13. heero2020

    Earth has been destroyed and some zookeepers have managed to scrounge 2 humans together to show the universe at a Space Zoo. They are huge attractions and the ownership wants more, so they want to breed them. Only problem: they are mother and son.

  14. Gar48

    A story set in our time , showing us what happened to the city of “Someyhing in the water” after the end of the story

  15. Magnus58

    1. An indirect prequel to Something in the Water with one of the three villages hit by meteors 500 years prior mentioned in chapter 3.
    2. A group of three friends make a bet to see who can seduce a teacher first. They pick the teacher’s names out of a hat and one of them gets his mother’s name who is a teacher at the school.

  16. plcwiz

    Ancient medieval crib embedded with dark stones found in 500yr old home gives baby unique powers while growing up unintentionally manipulating family and friends doing unnatural acts as though it’s a normal thing to do. Hilarity ensues.

  17. Gar48

    Sorry, i remade the suggestions with 15 words:

    1)A story centered around the stone’s past owners and an historian investigating it

    2)Two siblings start a competion to see who can seduce most relatives in a month

    3)The MC finds a special camera, that corrupts women. His female relatives become his models

    4)Divorced and depressed father uses the stone to improve the relationship with his family

    5)MC is the patient zero of a pandemic, that changes the infected phisically and mentally

    6)MC can inadvertently travel back in time, seducing women in the past, changing the present

    7)Shy MC develops a more ruthless split personality, who seduces the women in his family

    8)A post apocalyptic story.The MC uses the Dark Stone to create a new society

    9)MC loses his memory after seducing his family. He must investigate about his past

    10)Artifact teletrasports MC to a reality where incest is legal. MC can alter both realities with the artifact

    11)A vampire MC must hide the truth from his family, while seducing the women

  18. Gar48

    I will propose once again some of my old suggestions and a couple of new ones:
    1) A collection of short stories centered around an historian investigating the Stone. It tells of the Stone’s various owners through history while the historian’s family is corrupted

    2) After finding the Stone, two siblings start a competion to see who can seduce the largest number of relatives in a month

    3) The main protagonist finds a special camera. His female relatives become his models and their bodies and minds are slowly corrupt

    4) Divorced and depressed father finds the Stone and uses it to turn his life around, especially regarding the relationship with his family

    5) MC is the patient zero of a global pandemic, that causes phisical and mental changes in the infected. Like “Something in the water” the story could show us how the epidemic impacts other characters and their families

    6) MC has the power to inadvertently travel back in time, meeting his females relatives in the past (including those who died long before his birth). He ends up sleeping with them at various points of their lives, causing changes in the present

    7) Shy MC develops a far more ruthless and secure split personality, dedicated to seduce the women in his life

    8) A post apocalyptic story? I think it is the only genre you have never used. You could have the MC find the Dark Stone and use its power to create a new society

    9) A story set after all the main seductions took place, following an amnesiac MC. The women he seduced have now to deal with him not remembering them or their relationship while the MC has to investigate about the mysterious circumstances behind his memory loss

    10)MC finds an artifact that teleports him to a reality where incest is legal and his female relatives are far different. Moving between the two worlds he discovers he can alter one of the realities if he uses the artifact in the other

    11) What about a story following a vampire MC? He has to fight against his bloodlust and hide the truth from his family, while his nature drives him to seduce the women in hi family

  19. shadowolf660

    Son summons Succubus in order to stop witch trails. Her price is his families purity.

  20. shadowolf660

    Young man on the Oregon Trail finds dark stone and takes over wagon train.

  21. jowholmes

    Son wishes for mom’s happiness but she’s a secret pervert, happiest as her son’s slut.

  22. Koshnicgarov

    In the future all minds are connected. Due to accident a boy discovers that his subconscious give orders to the conscious of others.

  23. Noat

    Incest-loving sister schemes to get her brother and mother together for her amusement.

  24. Koshnicgarov

    Afther a car accident, in which her husband dies, a mother losses her memory. Her chieldren are instructed to not tell her as she may have a shock. Turns out the mother was a “floozie” before her marriage, which she does not remember. The mother was hiding secrets from her chieldren – hisroty of incest with her twin sister and troubles with the law. Who is this person?

  25. Koshnicgarov

    A boy finds a book with spells. With the help of his familly and friends he will have to outsmart the deamon of the book / or the local witch. Set in small US town.

  26. Koshnicgarov

    In a distant future, a large corporation plans to take over the world with mind control technology. Using the same tech, one employee will “climb the corporate ladder” in order to stop them.

  27. Koshnicgarov

    The Kingdom is treatened by an invation of horde of female warriors. The King must unlock the mistick power of the AnciantGods, but he does not posses the pure of heart. He dies trying, but his assistant/son sucseeds. The greates power of them all is being desired by the wemen and respected from the men. Evil gods/mistique creatures/ sorcerers and deamons may be part of it.

  28. Koshnicgarov

    Stepmother desperatly wants to make her marriage work. She needs her step-son to treet her better. Apperently there is olny “one way”. Her daughter finds this verry sexy. The ant is the whore of the fallimy.

  29. Koshnicgarov

    A brilliant young scientist discovers a cure for drug/alcohol/cigarettes addiction. Unfortunately it is a bigger addiction towards himself.

  30. Koshnicgarov

    An intern at a research lab falls victim of a experiment. He still lives with his mom. His sexy boss is addicted to him. She is a lover and a villain.

  31. Webtester777

    How about mom’s boyfriend finds a stone or ring? The daughter(s) try and resist.

    I’ve read pretty much everything you’ve written. This is one scenario I would like to see more of.

  32. pragmaticromantic

    Career Military mother comes back from an extended deployment to her lovely family and small but cozy town. But nothing appears to be as it seems and she unravels a disturbing truth that her son has effectively taken the town as his own after encountering a stone.

  33. ElPescador

    I had a pretty solid idea. Teen son, single mother. Set in the 1990s. They have a contentious relationship because she blames him for her lost youth/ fun, he blames her for his dad leaving. She tries to quit smoking using a friends stop smoking hypnosis cd which she has him burn a copy of, after yet another argument he modifies the commands on the cd, simply stating that she should treat him better, which leads to a slippery slope of more and more mods… and as he modifies his mother he creates his perfect woman. Who can resist their perfect woman?

    If you like the idea I can fill in more details.

  34. XXXbig1@

    Typical nerd decides he wants to get a girl. He concocts a pheromone that makes women horny. Decides to test it on his sister, but it’s really strong. Sister becomes devoted slut. Mom is next, then his hot math teacher, etc.

  35. Throatpieyesplz

    demon or alien appears in NYC, seduces the first apartment he arrives in, then continues seducing others who have boyfriends/husbands across the whole level and more.

  36. np_phreak

    events of random family/s on the other side of Portsmith during There’s Something in the Water

  37. ThomasEGB

    Mother finds husband cheating on her with their daughter, takes revenge by fucking their son.

  38. Bodum

    Fertility Goddess must convince one of her sons to overthrow SkyFather and rule with her.

  39. Bodum

    A sorceress looks for a warrior to stop her daughter with a demon lord from releasing her father, marrying him and spawning an army of monsters to enslave the world. This warrior is the last living son she birthed and abandoned years ago.

  40. 7Myxzptlk

    Science MC creates new flower species from dark stone soil, effects his female relatives to “desirable” outcomes.

  41. 7Myxzptlk

    MC revives Aztec priestess at the museum, promising him a dynasty; an inbred one.

  42. alldragon

    After the divorce, the 8-year-old son lives with his father, his mother and his 3 sisters stripped them of everything… 10 years later he finds a cursed ring, upon discovering its power with his neighbor, he decides to return and take revenge on his mother and his 3 older sisters…

  43. JTass

    Massage therapy student practicing on mom/sister accidentally stumbles across a technique that triggers instant lust

  44. Planet4

    Brother / Sister body swap, with physical enhancements. Mom is key to reversal… or intensification?

  45. fobpride21

    Stepford Incest Wife:
    Father becomes impotent in a strict Christian household
    Mother after reading the Bible realzies that there’s a new man in the house now, her son, and she trains him to be her husband, and encourages him to impregnate her AND also his sisters

    Royal Wedding
    King has died. The heir must carry on the family name, and to prevent the throne from being given away to the 2nd cousin who wants to marry MC’s mother, he must marry her based on some antiquated royal decree that was dug up in the palace.

    The relic also gives MC a boost in fertility, and his mother is affected as well

    Ends w/ a Royal wedding between MC & mother, as well as taking his sisters as concubines and making incest not only legal but encouraged in the country

  46. bostant

    johnny gets the inheritance, women of the family need to carry his baby if they want a share

  47. wyvern13

    Young boy small town coast finds old ring and really needs date prom summertime love

  48. Italian10inch

    Go back to the dark stone, have the wife wanting to spark up the relationship with some magic. It does indeed increase his size and love drive. But with extra power he starts to wander. The son, by accident, finds the stone and becomes enchanted in more way than one. As the dad spends more and more time away from home, the son replaces him. The mom and maybe the sisters are under the influence of the stone. Add a sprinkle of a girlfriend that may be under the influence of the dad. It’s time to think that the stone can corrupt everyone, including the dad.

  49. Jannic

    MC Heist: Young protagonist assembles crew (role-specific supernatural abilities). Each recruit boosts his initially limited mind-control.

    1. John_Sn0w

      A natural born warrior overthrows his father, who is a king, to become king of a warrior nation. Taking his mother\sister\aunt as his woman. Basically you keep what you kill.

  50. Jorgeroth

    Elettra complex, re-write the ancient greek myth in a moden context and give the dad-daughter relationship a chance!

  51. Laseen

    Medieval setting, a young peasant man stumbles upon an ancient cursed temple, he gradually changes.

    1. Echoxxx99

      Mom + her sister go for clinical trial breast enlargement, it side effect is they keep growing unless they have sex, but both being single parents with only their sons around, temptation and necessity take control