Suggestion post for a New Year’s Eve story illustrated by Redoxa. POST CLOSED.

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Redoxa and I have agreed to create a short New Years story this year. There isn’t much time, so we’ll have a truncated suggestion window and voting period. I’ll cut off suggestions tomorrow, so be sure to post your idea in the comments if you have one.

The story takes place on New Year’s Eve in 1985. In fifteen words or less, pitch your story prompt in the comments below. Tomorrow, I’ll pick out my favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner.

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  1. Lobria

    A good son turns bad by making a well meaning new years resolution by the end of midnight.

  2. jowholmes

    Mother kissing son at the stroke of midnight grants her wish to be taken by him.

  3. 7Myxzptlk

    Stranded on a deserted isle, a family finds a temple to a forgotten God– demanding an offering in lust. The only response is compliance and indulgence.

  4. greatwhiteape

    Mother, son, sister & aunt play a mysterious redstone powered board game called The Seed.

  5. polotus2328

    On vacation, Family unknowingly get gifted matching redstone jewelry to reconnect after the father’s passing.

    They are on a holiday trip from Christmas Eve until a few days after New Years.

  6. Osiris908

    M/S stuck home alone on NYE bc of blizzard and tipsy M decides to grant S one NYE wish at midnight.

  7. Thomas

    Brother and Sister spend New Years in a motel because they missed the train home.

  8. ReadRawls69

    A mom & son bond at a New Years Van Halen concert but things get jumpy when his fiero breaks down beside a cozy motel.

  9. Qwerty300

    Ms.Claus is a futanari and gives some naughty girls a large punishment

  10. pragmaticromantic

    MC jokingly tries out Irish tradition of putting mistletoe leaves under his pillow before sleeping on N.Y.E. Only they’re not normal mistletoe leaves and it’s unintentionally *very* effective…

  11. 7Myxzptlk

    A New Year’s cruise shipwrecks, forcing a few surviving families to make shelter in the wild. Soon, some embrace their more uncivilized desires.

  12. DM1485

    Supernatural being allows woman to do whatever she wants for the day, with the promise that only she will remember any of it, come new year’s day.

    (i know, more than 15 words… sue me.)

  13. Noat

    Son visits mother, a CEO, while she is alone working late on new years eve.

    1. general_fuckery

      A family’s New Year’s resolutions go wrong (or terribly right)

  14. heero2020

    Another suggestion: Someone replaces the Time Square Ball with the Dark Stone….

    1. anteater1

      Diabolical son decides of New Year resolution to impregnate his Uber religious mother for kicks.

  15. heero2020

    Due to champagne, M/S end up in the wrong place kissing (and more) the wrong person

    1. Chinran

      A hardworking single mother pretends to be Mrs. Claus for her son and daughter.