Chronicles of Abrollin Ch. 1 to 3

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A twin brother and sister visited a magical world long ago. They were told never to come back by a sage, ancient tiger. But they return as adults to find the place more dangerous and twisted than they remembered. This is a reboot of The Tiger, The Twins, and the Missing Caravel.

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Illustrations by Sezlov:

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4.4 out of 5 dark stones (based on 68 reviews)
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  1. Chaeron

    I never thought I would ever say this or anything remotely like it but. I hope the princess and the badger get it on. o_0

  2. peacock27

    When’s this story coming back?!

    1. Rawls

      There is no plans for this one to continue in the near term. It’s on hold now that Sezlov is working on La Belle.

      1. Peaty

        La Belle is good and may he continue his creativity and finishing his storylines!

  3. Miguelmonk

    The animation on this series is superb.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! Update Sezlov’s work just posted 🙂

  4. Noat

    The artist is doing a great job with this story. The latest chapter(ch.2) looks amazing and the quality has improved so much from the last one. The details of the surroundings and characters have greatly improved and looked great, the bodies feel more fluid and alive, and the facial expressions are amazing. I can’t wait to see more of the story get illustrated by Sezlov.

    The story is fun and interesting so far, looking forward to seeing what happens with Nigel and the mermaid.

  5. FreshlySnipes

    Agree with prior posts, the art work in chapter 1 was great but chapter 2 is even better. What threw me off a little is I thought the badger was going to much larger. Kind of like the beavers from the 80’s version of TL, TW and TW movie.

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    NGL, I’m loving the improved scenery & body details in Chp 2. Great art helps the story.

  7. Thomas_windsor

    Ooooooh. This artist is goooood. Chef’s kiss

  8. FreshlySnipes

    This one is a little odd. I thought the artwork was fantastic, especially the coloring and I think the theme is awesome. It seems like the middle of the chapter is missing. There’s not really a lead up to Gertrude and Mr. Blinken having sex, they just are and almost immediately after leaving the island. How did that happen? I like the little details in Rawls stories and the Easter eggs she slips in like the poster in Serum but those details are missing in the 1st chapter. I’ll stay tuned, the 2nd and 3rd chapters have a natural flow that makes sense and are more fleshed out. The story was a bit bare in the 1st.

  9. 7Myxzptlk

    Love the art and the coloring. I gotta say, it’s a better take than the previous installment. There setting and characters are more distinguishable, and the scene is more understandable from a glance.