The Enchanted Scepter Ch. 1 to 6

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When their town is sacked by orcs, a human mother and son rescue a mysterious scepter from a burning shrine. They must flee into the perilous Mottled Forest where they encounter all sorts of nefarious magical creatures. Everyone they meet harbors their own desires for the scepter.

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4.4 out of 5 dark stones (based on 24 reviews)
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  1. A_wizard_did_it

    Do you know when Chapter 7 might be coming out? It is still listed as *Ongoing*, which gives me hope nonetheless.

    More specifically, you’re still planning on continuing the story (no rush!), right?

    1. Rawls

      This story is on hold until I find a new illustrator to continue. I’m not sure when that will be.

  2. Lynchjim

    Hi I just joined your site two days ago but I’ve read 6 stories so far and I’m bloody loving them all. You really do have great talent at writing stories both big and small please keep it up. Is there a way to be alerted when a new chapter / story drops ?.

    1. Rawls

      Hello, thank you for the support and the kind words! Yes, when you sign up, your email will get notices of every update unless you opt out. I just checked, your email is on the list.

  3. Thomas_windsor

    I’m really liking this story so far in regards to pacing. I feel like this is going to be a decently long tale with a lot of adventure. I am kind of sad Marco and Helen haven’t banged yet, but I have faith that she will be a dutiful mother and bear her sons baby/babies??? Can’t wait to find out!

    1. Rawls

      Yes, this story could go on for a while. Really enjoying writing it.

    1. Rawls

      Not sure. I don’t set deadlines of illustrators. When the illustrations are complete, I’ll start writing the next chapter.

  4. 7Myxzptlk

    Loving what’s happening to Helen. She keeps getting her body & mind fucked with, losing herself more and more. I can’t wait until she’s so reduced in thought she gets taken for a new wife to Marco.

  5. Lobria

    I’m really loving this series and do wish it would come out faster but I understand why. I did not see that coming. I had a different idea on where this was going but this is much better lol. I love how you explained that she had a bulge in her stomach that’s nice to read. I hope you do that more often. I fucking can’t wait for the illustrated version of this chapter cause that’s gonna be epic. Looking forward to the next one. Take care Rawls.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! The bulging belly does pop up in my writing from time to time ?

  6. AuntLover

    Really enjoying this series so far. Your writing paints such vivid imagery, keep up the great work 🙂

  7. shadowolf660

    I enjoyed the chapter. Still wondering when the scepter will be relevant.

  8. bman

    When should we expect illustrated version for chapter 2 ?

    1. Rawls

      The artist is working on it now. I would guess sometime within a month.

  9. AuntLover

    Love the direction of this, brilliant storytelling!

  10. BAS

    I like the way the Mom is the central character, and how she’s in charge. It’s a neat change of pace. Looking forward to seeing how she develops. Also curious if the son will develop independently of Mom, or with her or, under her lead.

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback! I’m trying to experiment with variations on a theme. I know what my readers want, but some surprises are also nice. I think you’ll enjoy what I have planned for Helen and Marco 🙂

  11. Crotcher

    I hope the story continues in this way, seemed different from your other stuff and I liked it because of that. Was very compelling having the son helpless for a change, truly hope the story kind of keeps to this fashion. Hopefully more of a gradual build-up like Enki’s puzzle but in regards to the son being able to save his mother from situations like chapter one than him ending up dominating her like normal and the experiences effecting him and the staff trying to steer him away from acting like villain’s like the fauns. Got a abit carried away there sorry!. Love your stories though keep up the amazing work.

    1. Rawls

      This is pretty close to my thinking for the story. Thank you for the feedback!

      1. Crotcher

        Can’t wait for more on this then, hope it becomes your next big project 😀

  12. Simon S.

    Interesting start. Looking forward to see where this goes.

  13. Fred31267

    Not sure what to make of this one yet, I expected the Scepter to have had more impact in the first chapter.

  14. alldragon

    Hello good.
    I think maybe this should have gone to Zapped and other stories.
    And continue the curse of the shadow or continue some of the zapped texts that are better than this.
    I feel that it goes out of the usual theme in your main stories.

    1. Rawls

      I appreciate the feedback. I’m trying out some different things. I have twelve ongoing stories now, so there needs to be some variety. If this isn’t your thing, no worries. There are lots of other more traditional Rawly stories on the way.