The Haunting of Palmer Mansion reboot sketches are live. UPDATED 1/22/22

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I am happy to announce that FoxBlack will illustrate the reboot of the novel The Haunting of Palmer Mansion. FoxBlack has taken cues from JDseal’s version and using it to inspire his own style. There will be lots of illustrations in this version, twenty three in the first chapter alone. The sketches below are only for the first half of the first chapter (and the extra one of Eloise). I’m excited to watch this novel unfold again. Expect about a chapter a month.

If you have an opinion, please leave your feedback. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by FoxBlack:

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  1. Jdw212

    Hello, I use to love this one, but I can’t find either version anymore ?

  2. Kuanyang

    The sketches are great – but the colored version really pops!

    1. Rawls

      Wait until we get a completed chapter. I’m really looking forward to how this version will come together.

  3. Holyx

    As good as Jdeal was in his art, not drawing back ground really made his illustration feel incomplete. It very nice of Foxblack actually using backgrounds in his version.

    1. Rawls

      I agree. I ask all my illustrators to make backgrounds now. I feel even simple, sketchy backgrounds add lots of depth to the illustrations.

  4. ThomasEGB

    Glad to see Haunting getting an illustrated treatment. It’s one of my favorite stories.

    Question: Will JD Seal’s version remain onsite with a new version being published? I understand that his treatment is cancelled/on-hiatus indefinitely, but I still enjoy his version.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, JDseal’s version will remain on the site.

  5. Holyx

    Wow Rawly you did an outstanding job choosing and illustrator this time. It really resembles Jdeals work. It also good to see Foxblack putting his own interpretation of the visuals. Are we going to get THOPM reboot once a month?

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback! I’m really looking forward to this one 🙂 Yes, we plan for a chapter at least every month. With a little luck, they might come a little sooner.

  6. greatwhiteape

    This art is fantastic! Super looking forward to this coming out!

  7. John P

    I was blown away by FoxBlack’s drawings.

    I really didn’t care for his work in “A Goddess Collects Her Debt” and “Five Twisted Wishes,” but the artwork for “The Haunting of Palmer Mansion” is fantastic. Not only are the women beautiful, but the details in the drawing of the room in image 3, the kitchen, staircase, and even the shower tiles in image 4 promise a beautiful set of images for a very long story.

    Well done!

  8. Lobria

    I have to say I’m still a little bit stung by JD leaving this. But I understand why. I far as the sketches go I’m not that excited. I’m not liking what I’m seeing from this, to me it looks odd. With Betty and have changed my mind on that one the art is great you can tell it’s a major uptick from JD’s old work, this one I hate to say just leaves me wanting more. I do like that there will be illustrations and I know there are just sketches so I’ll keep an open mind when it comes out but for right now I’m a little on the fence with this one.

    1. Throatpieyesplz

      what happened to JDseal again?

      1. iacub

        I think JD wanted to focus on his own projects and couldn’t commit to doing THOPM and his own stuff at the same time.

  9. divemaster99

    OMG, I am so happy this story has been rebooted…. it left me hanging somewhere around Ch15 I think! Thank you so much Rawls…….. 😉