The Jealous Girlfriend Ch. 1 to 7

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Becky Ackerman loved Brad Potter. They started dating at the beginning of senior year, and now they were practically stuck together. He was a sweet, handsome boyfriend. And his family supported him and welcomed Becky with open arms. She liked his boring father. His mom was nice, too. The trouble was, Brad loved his mother maybe too much. Becky has a plan to put herself between Brad and Mrs. Potter.

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Illustrations by SeventeenSam: or

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  1. Lance

    There is something about incest stories that really get my mind and libido going this one was short and sweet without too many consequences except for the jealous girlfriend, which I liked. Great Job and making the main man rise for several chapters.

  2. cmj15301

    Hey, something is wrong with Chapter 5. I’ve tried multiple times, and it won’t load. Is it working for anyone else?

    1. Rawls

      The file failed for some reason. I fixed it for you. Should be working now. If not, clear your browser’s cache.

  3. cmj15301

    I love this story and this illustrator
    Can we have more like this one?
    Can you make an audio version of this story? It would be so hot if there was an animated movie of this story

    1. Rawls

      The illustrator is working on The Sex Talk now. Chapter 2 just dropped. The narrators pick which stories they want to do, so it’ll be up to them when they finish with their current stories. I don’t have any plans for anything animated on the site.

  4. drowsteel

    I really enjoyed this story, it was awesome seeing the relationship develop with each chapter… I felt like the girlfriend at the end was let off a little light, though. She’s the villain of the piece, I just wish that the last chapter had given her a little more comeuppance than just being shut out. I would have liked to see some turnaround where her former victims force HER to do things she doesn’t want, and maybe even starts to like it.
    But overall, great!

  5. Slick Pillar

    Great story. Like others, I found little details like the ring exchange to be intensely hot. I also appreciate the dirty/ naughty drug use. It helps this story to be unique and it made me uncomfortable, which is fine because it just means I’m really engaged with the story. The ending was a bit of bummer but also refreshing. I’m happy to imagine Brad and his mom fucking like rabbits indefinitely while Becky got a back-firing reality check. You’re a great writer Rawly, thank you for all your great work.

    1. Rawls

      I love the detailed feedback. I tried some unusual things in this story, I’m glad they worked 🙂

  6. Anteater

    Chapter 7 was an ending I never saw cumming. Sorry, but the opportunity for the pun was just too good to pass up!

    Personally, I say: 9 months later the Potter family were at the hospital waiting for the arrival of a new addition to their home. Alice smiled, quietly relieved to know that her husband was ignorant to her carrying their grandchild.

  7. John P

    Rawly, I hope we’ll see more of SeventeenSam. The women are sexy and beautiful, and he captures not just their form but their emotions and expressions with minimal lines.

    1. Rawls

      We’re already sorting out what our next project will be.

  8. Anteater

    Chapter 6…amazing. That is all I can say. Becky sounds hurt though.

  9. parsec

    All your stories have twists and turns that no one can see coming., which brings depth and originality. This is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

  10. daniel

    Greatest story and ilustrations for me.

  11. 7Myxzptlk

    Really hoping Becky dominates them and we get the pregnancy.

    1. Anteater

      Ditto! I am lovng chapters 3 to 5.

  12. JoshG

    When she puts the ring on her finger it’s so hot ❤️ I love such small meaningful details, and with the illustrations it’s even better

      1. Anteater

        Chapter 3 was greaat.

        I am guessing that 4-1 means that chapter 4 has multiple parts and it was only the first among others with chapter 4. Well, whatever it was. I enjoyed the it and am looking forward to the next chapter.

  13. Anteater

    Fantastic! Story and art are great. Fact is, this is the type of thing I imagine Gwen doing to Mrs. Lily Green…eventually. Usually you have slow burns going but this was a surprise…definitely worth reading…and waiting up for to see what happens next.

  14. randomuser1223

    Wasn’t this one released previously before the parting with JDSeal? I’d definitely love to see the story continue with larger chapters (for both more story panels and more sex panels), but I could swear I’ve seen this before.

    1. Rawls

      A different artist did work on chapter 1 a while ago, but didn’t continue. The readers voted to give this story a reboot so we could have a chance at more chapters. This is that reboot.

  15. ChromeDragon

    I love the artwork it is different from a lot of the other artists.
    It has an almost cute look to it that is nice !