Mothership Wilderness Ch. 1 to 33

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In the future, brave souls will flee to the stars to escape religious persecution. An eighteen-year-old man is accidentally dosed with an experimental fertility drug at the beginning of his long trip through space. The corruption spreads aboard his colony ship.

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4.7 out of 5 dark stones (based on 47 reviews)
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  1. youngstudent7

    Please keep writing this story, it was actually the one that brought me to being a supporter

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! I don’t really enjoy writing direct sequels, so I don’t think there will be another Mothership novel. But you never know.

      1. Librertine

        No Mothership is needed, this arc is tied up. But there is always room for A New Kanaan series, what does the new generation of Jacob’s sons and daughters bring to the equation? How are the zealots that oppose him, is there a cult of self-mutilating assasins formed by a former wife in the name of Truth, ready to stop the New Messiah?

        1. Rawls

          Anything is possible. But at the moment, I don’t think I’ll dip back into this universe.

  2. Blackwolf

    I’ve Always wondered, why does Mary’s milk make the women calm (plus Jacob) but makes the men hypothesised and simple -headed?

    1. youngstudent7

      Probably a estrogen and dopamine inducing enzyme or hormone that women process to calm and speadup pair-bonding with Jacob and suppress non augmented males testosterone and aggressive response like a depressant making them more susceptible to suggestion and being dominated .

  3. Mack

    Not one to really critique an artist (personal belief of not judging someone doing shiz-nit your own ass can’t do), but the final chapter to me seemed off pace and rushed. Almost as if it were a TV series that expected to get extended another few seasons but got canceled so they had to wrap up all loose ends in the final few episodes. Love the story, don’t get me wrong, any story that elicits that type of response should be commended. Keep it up Rawls! ps. Damn you for having to eventually end your stories, I think most folks would agree that a story purposefully written in perpetuity wouldn’t be scoffed at. lol

  4. Dogboy1313

    I usually don’t like sci-fi. This is the exception! I love this story for some reason, maybe all the mom/son, or breeding. I don’t know it’s just hot all around. Thanks!

  5. Razzia

    One of my favourite, mind blowing. Just sad for the Mormon sisters, wonder how it will turn out for them.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, there could probably be a whole novel on what happened to the Mormon sisters. I see a new religion spreading …

      1. Ilovestory

        it will be an excellent interresting to know about the mormon sisters. Did one of the sisters have a boy who have the gift of his father. Did he seduce him mom, aunt, half sister and all the womans in the station?

        1. Rawls

          That’s up to the reader’s imagination 🙂

          1. Ilovestory

            I have some in mind!!! I ask me how one of the sister would be have a boy and the other don’t. I think of something. They will never have the joy to have the chance to bond with him and have his sperm. Than their body fall in low of his hormone who is give with the sperm. They have sex with each other. They drink their milk. When the low take a critic turn. One of the sister, the first to mate in the last time, have her body began to change the hormone to satifide her nead. This change change the baby girl in boy. The hormone go in her milk and the other sister have what she need in hormone. Sorry for my english. It not my first language. I hope you see what i want to say

  6. BAS

    Well done story. Not my personal favorite, I couldn’t keep track of the different women, and the messiah thing was getting creepy, but I enjoyed the science fiction aspects of the story, and the scenes were of course hot, they always are.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! The messiah stuff was meant to be creepy 😉 The Winthrops certainly weren’t the good guys in this story.

  7. Raptor

    Hi there, I’ve just tried to register to this site but I seem to have run into some problems. It said when I tried to enter my details that there was something wrong with WordPress. Now my profile is there but I can’t view any content. Please could I have some help

    1. Rawls

      Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

  8. Schunn99

    Maybe turn the pastor’s wife and daughter (assuming the messiah’s harem thaw her out of cryo sleep too) into constantly horny and pregnant housewives for the messiah?

  9. 7Myxzptlk

    If Jacob breeds all the women, then everyone in the colony henceforth would be committing incest/inbreeding no matter what. Brilliant and dubious. I like the long game, Rawls.

  10. triplethreat7

    Latest update seems to be corrupted? getting error while opening.

    1. Rawls

      The white version was corrupted. I fixed it a few minutes ago. It should be working now. Try refreshing and downloading again.

  11. papasmurf007

    Hey Rawly,

    Big fan of your writing. I came across your material over a variety of websites and didn’t realize at first that a lot of my favorite stories were coming from the same place.

    All that said, I do have a suggestion to improve the tension of your stories. It seems like you often pull back from the interactions of most of the female family members of your stories with each other. I’d say that mother/daughter and aunt/niece sex is just as exciting and taboo. It might be interesting to spend more time on having these characters cross lines with each other to describe how they feel about it. Right now, the default often seems to be a bunch of women sitting around (often in the same room) a room waiting for sex with one man. I’m hoping for a little more variety in how these scenes play out to keep things interesting.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback. I would disagree with your analysis of my stories 🙂 With mothership, there is a lot of women waiting on one man, but that’s the point of the plot. With other stories, like Enki or Palmer Mansion, the women have relationships with each other. It just depends on the story. I am going to zero in on stories with more limited scope in the future. After TWT, I feel my strength lies in fewer characters with more depth.

  12. SoraKHeart

    Do you have any plans to have an artist illustrate this series? IMO based on your descriptions, this series would make for some wicked cool artwork or even as far as a graphic novel! ?

    1. Rawls

      I would like to, but nothing imminent. Looking for the right artist for this novel.

  13. 7Myxzptlk

    Good conflict, good resolution, good fucking. All around good read

  14. GunnySmurf

    This story seems like a continuation of “Don’t Drink the Water.” Albeit, in an extremely distant future. The Easter Eggs calling back to other Dark Stone stories by Donna was pretty nifty authorship in a Steven King sort of way. Good writing on both story lines!

  15. 7Myxzptlk

    Gorgeous cover! Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  16. Schunn99

    Did JD make you a new cover for Mothership?

    1. Rawls

      I wanted to get a sexier cover for Mothership, with a more pulp sci-fi feel. JD has been really busy lately, so TenderMindd made the new cover. I’ll make an announcement about it.

      1. Raptor

        Sorry to be a bother. I just put some information in wrong, but now I’ve corrected it.

        1. Rawls

          Okay, glad it’s sorted out. Feel free to email anytime if you any trouble with the site in the future.