The McAllister Method Ch. 1

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In the 1980s, Dr. Martha McAllister pioneered a novel form of therapy for transforming troubled young men. This is the story of the Kaplan family, and how they benefited from McAllister’s groundbreaking techniques.

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Illustrations by Redoxa:

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  1. skinnysweatyman

    I think I’d prefer it if redoxa focused on mothership and something in the water before starting on this. I really like those stories and want to see them illustrated as soon as possible. Also strongly agree with Pkacua, the mullet is really dumb. Really looking at it, the character models just aren’t great here. The dad especially looks wrong, mostly in the neck. The mom is fine, but the therapist and the male protag look kinda trailer trashy. This is a rare miss for me.

    1. Rawls

      As Redoxa returns to health, he’ll be doing three chapters a month in collaboration with me. He really wanted to work on an 80s story, and I’m excited for where this one will go. We’ll also return to the Aztec story as we move forward.

  2. Pkacua

    This would be better without the mullet