The Palmer Legacy Ch. 1 to 19

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When a new shop opens in Clover Falls, Jessica Reader is excited to purchase a nineteenth century family portrait. The more she learns about the painting and its subjects, the Palmers, the more her life spins out of control. Her eighteen-year-old son, Noah, tries to understand and halt his mother’s fall from grace. Will the painting also pull him into the spreading web of corruption?

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  1. Simon S.

    So You seem to have two male templates for main characters. A. Stupid. Evil. Proactive. Has their own wants and desires. B. Kind. Courteous. Spineless. Directed by a strong willed woman. Only the commissioned stories seem to be the exception and one other that would be a spoiler to mention because its the twist at the end. I find it odd that your earlier work didn’t really have this. Will this trend continue/increase?

    1. Rawls

      Wow, okay. Gonna have to disagree strongly with just about every part of this. I’m not sure what you mean by commissioned work, I worked on three commissioned short stories years ago. I don’t do commissions now. I don’t think Noah fits into your Manichean analysis of my work. But for argument sake, let’s say he does. You just have to look at my previous main novel to find a protagonist who was an asshole and also a good guy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Lobria

    I hate to say this but I’m done with series for awhile. I’ll be back in a few weeks or when I hear that the main mom and son are actually having sex. I understand building things up but there has been no teasing or barely any from the mother and her son and it’s taking way to long. Just like something in the water I just am kinda here like come on get to it. All this other stuff is nice but feels like filler and a crutch and you are relying to heavily on them. I’m sorry Rawls this is the first time i’m doing this with your stories but I”m checking out. I’ll be back in a few weeks or when I hear something is actually happing between them. I really hope if you do another story like this you get to the mom and son stuff quicker and I mean sex. Have fewer sub plots or having get to the main point already. I know you have things set up already but for god sake this is too long without anything between the two of them. Just a hand job really. No blowjob or anything else. I thought this was gonna be a reversal and the mom was gonna do more teasing but that’s not the case. I feel I like some of the other stories you have in here and want to see more of that then the main one or your short stories that you have recently realized and looking forward to that more. I’m sorry for this I don’t like coming off negative but I have to say something. This is something I was loving before but I feel like you have completely dropped the ball on this. I just don’t want to get to the very end and have them have sex and it’s only for two chapters. That would lame and i feel that’s what you are gonna do and that will suck. And now the futa stuff is gone. You probably bring that back but for how long? I’m sorry I’m done I can’t read this anymore weekly. I’ll check it out in a few weeks or when this is done. Later Rawls. I”m sorry again. Fro what’s it worth I do think your writing has improved greatly and it’s really good hear but this is a erotica and I want to see more stuff with the mom and son. Alright I’m done now. Sorry again.

    1. CeeBee42

      I don’t see what the real problem is here, while I do agree that the main mom, Jessica, should begin having full sex with Noah long before the end, its not like we’re being deprived of mother-son incest in this story. We have Eddie and his mom, Paul and his mom now, too. And it seems like we will also have Ronnie and his mom. This are more mothers and sons having sex than in any of Rawls’ previous stories and each of them have their own corruption. The main thrust of this story is about these worlds colliding and they are now doing that, and still including mother-son incest. It seems like your particular taste is about wanting to see ONLY ONE couple of a mother and son and just have the story stay solely focused on this. I’m glad that there are multiple angles here. I like more married women and girls. There are still plenty of short tales to pull from where there is only one couple and its a mother and son. Enki’s Puzzle had a very small cast, this has a very large cast. And I’m sure that Rawls will write another story that does focus mostly on the mother and son and they have sex earlier, just as sure that Noah and Jessica will be bumping uglies in the near future. We just have to be patient but I think there’s plenty to whet our appetite till then in this story.

      1. Lobria

        I agree we are getting more but for me personally and maybe just me I’m here for the main characters as well and when I see just build after build up after build with no pay off it irks me. I love everything else. The story, characters the little quirks they have the detail to them all the sex is great but that only go so far with me when the main two aren’t doing anything with each other. Also those either side plots are way to short or sometimes for me at least too long. Now at the end my mind could be made up if everything works out but for now I’m tuned out. Also I know there gonna have sex but when. Is it gonna be close to the end and we only get two or three chapters like at the end of ennkie. The only difference is that nikkin and Kate were have but loads of sex and there was teasing in the beginning. We get none of those things here. I’m sorry, I’m glad you like but this is probably just a me thing but the main mom and son should be the focal point and we should get to it quicker. Your right the next one will probably give me what I want but I would like for all the stories to do that instead of some. Take care.

        1. Rawls

          Again, I appreciate the feedback. When this story is finished, I will do a poll with a few questions about it to gauge how it worked for readers. I tried some different things here, and if they didn’t hit the way I wanted them too, I’m happy to adjust.

          1. Jymis

            Just wanted to say I like how you managed your story to stay as true to vision., And start working on some aspects that supporters vocalize. Nice work.

      2. Magnus58

        While maybe not every aspect works as well as it should, I agree that although we haven’t got much of the main mom/son we have seen lots of other moms/sons to fill that void. Some of the scenes have been a bit too short, but that is bound to happen when juggling so many intersecting plots.

    2. DarkArthas

      Better get used to it. Rawly has stated on her discord that the slow pace will be the norm now on her long novels going forward. I’m like you. I hate the slow pace and the lack of focus on the main characters. The side plots are okay, but I am not really interested in them. They feel like filler. I hope Rawly changes her mind about the pacing for future novels.

      1. Lobria

        I don’t mind slow at all as long as there is teasing or build up in the sex with the two main characters. But I do agree with you on everything else. Though I do think a lot of stuff is written really well and the main story is interesting but man the main mom and son need to get with it. It’s annoying. I know it will but it’s taking to long.

    3. Jymis

      I think its worse then you describe. The plot line talks about Noah protecting stopping fall. That didnt happen Noah watched did nothing, he knows she is defiled there is nothing save Thomas and her complete each other Eloise agreed. So fuck mom its to late we didnt even attempt to save. Noah is the shittiest protag son not once or even attempt to protect .mom.. cant now she belongs. To Thomas. Mo. Is disgusting whore and no son gonna fuck with her.

  3. Jtzabor5

    Not to complain but I’m gonna complain. Every one of the good scenes I come here for seem overly short and lacking….. Completion? Just this story.

    1. Lobria

      i agree. There too short and take away for me the main story of what I acutally want to see. At first I was for it cause I thought there was gonna be a balance but now I see there isn’t and now it’s just more and more build up.

  4. DreadWolf

    While I understand others’ misgivings about the pacing, I feel like I don’t have as much of a problem with it since I only started following the story relatively recently and was able to binge most of the buildup rather than having to wait for the weekly update from the beginning. Now things seem to really be ramping up so I have a feeling most readers’ issues with that will be addressed pretty soon.

    As for Noah, I personally disagree that he seems overly weak or whiny. I think part of it is the switch up of the mother being corrupted first over the son, so naturally he’ll be the one to be hesitant/suspicious of everything going on. I actually like that this attitude (in conjunction with the wider situation) let him and Sam negotiate the terms of the deal a little. Also I believe his most egregious examples of meekness have been when he came under the influence of the other paintings, which made him more docile. So now that he has the Palmers’ protection we shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. Also if you recall he was pretty assertive when they confronted Eddie after they made the deal and ushered them away (which, by the way, was supremely satisfying; I really don’t like Eddie, skim his sex scenes, and really reaaally hope the deal will be enough protection for Sam because I seriously don’t want to see that happen). So yeah, I look forward to seeing him become more confident and uh… embrace the deal more, as it were, but I don’t want to see him become a dick like Eddie, and in fact love it when the protag in these sorts of stories retain a certain level of decency/softness. I also really love Noah and Sam’s dynamic, and am sort of hoping for their relationship to evolve into more of an equal footing, partners-in-crime sort of deal like we got with Enki’s Puzzle (which is my fav story of Rawls so far, btw).

    Anyways, I know that was a little long but I just wanted to offer a different perspective. Keep it up Rawls, loving your work so far. I’m sure it can be a lot to try balancing your own creative ideas with fan feedback, all on top of keeping up with multiple weekly updates, so I just want you to know I appreciate your hard work 🙂

    1. DreadWolf

      Oh, I also forgot to add I really like the detail that Noah has panic attacks. I don’t think that makes him weak, nor do I think it comes off that way in the way it’s portrayed here; it just makes him more multifaceted, and also provides an opportunity for him to be cared for by other characters (mainly his mom) which I personally like.

      1. Rawls

        Thank you for the feedback! It’s good to hear how the story is working for people, too.

        I don’t shift my plans for a particular story based on reader feedback, I have the arcs mapped out already. But I may tweak future stories based on what is working or not working for people.

  5. Lobria

    Hey Rawls I want to put my two cents here. I have to say this story at first for me was great I thought you were balancing things out very well and I still think that a lot of it is great. Honestly. But I do think for me at least you took way to long for Jessica and her son and I wish you did a more gradual seduction with her and her son. I wish she was tempting him more often and it feels like it wasn’t the case. 16 chapters in and we are barley getting this. I mean I like things to take there time but I’m here for the main mom and son not everything else. I do like everything else but I do feel you are relying to much on that to take the bulk of the sex scenes and not on the main characters. I don’t know perhaps now things will start to change and it will go faster now but I feel in the next story I want something more fast pace. I like slow pace but you had Enkie before this and that was already slow. I need a break and something faster. I don’t perhaps it’s me but it’s frustrating that it took this long to get here with them and only a handjob. I don’t know perhaps I’m the only that feels this way or perhaps I’m tired of slowburn but I wish you had gotten the main mom and son having sex way quicker. I don’t know how many chapters your going but I hope it’s a lot so we can have plenty of time with them. I do love the side stuff though but I also want the main characters to get there already. This is the same problem had in something in the water, you took way to long for Pat and his mom to do anything. The benfit I do feel is that the story is better and so are the characters. I still think you are doing a good job with balancing everything else but I do think next for me at least I would want to get to the point with the main mom and son faster or mom and daughter. Change of pace. You tease stuff here that still hasn’t happen. I understand building things up I do and I do like that. But I find frustrating that we are at ch 16 and we barely get this. I’ve gone long enough. I still like this and will continue to read but I do hope you read this and take it in consideration if not that’s ok. Your still doing good. I’m just telling you how I feel about the story right now and things I’m not liking. Take care Rawls.

    1. Majorchill666

      It’s not just you, I agree with this as well. Things just haven’t been progressing as much as they should be with them imo. Still well written as always though.

    2. adscrypt

      Yeah pretty much this. I love most of the stories and I still like this one, but it’s going way too slow and if Eddie fucks Sam before the protag, think that’ll be it for me and I’ll just catch the next story.

    3. Girei

      You are not the only one, I also think the same. At first I was intrigued, but now I’m not crazy about it…

    4. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m trying some different things with this story. I’m sorry to hear it isn’t working for everyone.

      1. diggi_d

        I have a profound respect, and am a fan of your writing, so speaking as a fan…I absolutely hate Noah. He is the epitome of the weak, and whiny character that make my hackles go up whenever I read a story, book, or even see a movie with that type of character. But even after saying all of that I do hope this story ultimately builds him up to be a stud and not a hyperventilating dud that he is now. That’s it. I’m not complaining about your pacing the story, or anything else for that matter. Keep up the great work!

        and turn that kid into a man….

        1. Rawls

          Thanks for the feedback. Noah is on a character arc. 🙂

  6. RedSarah

    You’ve hooked me. I want to know what Mrs. Palmer has up her sleeve and how the kids are going to “fix” things. I’m looking forward to each update.

  7. Lobria

    Rawls….Rawls.. Are you doing what I think your doing with the mirror. Cause if you are…Oh man….I can’t wait. I hope that not a tease and I hope if it does happen it happens for a good while. I so hope your going in that direction cause I’ve been fucking waiting for something like this in your stories for a long fucking time. You had it in Wicked Tower but never had them do it with the mother. This time daughter and mother. Oh god Rawls. i hope you go through with cause this it what I’ve been wanting. I hope the sex stuff picks up soon especially with the main mother the one I’m talking about. I like a good tease but I feel that is taking abit. Especially since we just came off of Enkie’s puzzle. I would like for things to kinda pick up a little now. Also wouldn’t mind showing a bit more of the side stuff going on more as well. I think that is the main problem. Coming off of Enkie and doing another slowish burn it’s kinda like. Ok I want something now. But it could just be my impatience. Take care Rawls and thanks again for the futa stuff. Much appreciated it.

    1. CeeBee42

      Didn’t we already get that earlier in this story with Lauren and Melanie? I guess you want the penis on the daughter this time? Not sure if either Jessica or Haley will have that permanent of a type of change.

      1. Lobria

        I wanted on the main characters. Often it’s just side characters or in a short story. I’ve been wanting a main mom to get fucked by there daughter like that. Either solo or threesome. There was good opportunity in wicked tower for the mom to get fucked by a futa but it didn’t happen so that was pretty disappointing for me. So maybe it’s just me but I so want this for this story.

  8. Schunn99

    I tend to agree with the previous comments, I do not like eddie. He’s fat and creepy perv. like roy was. Maybe he should breed Ella and Mrs. Price and Noah can fuck and marry Sam then breed her and his mom too. Cause I am pretty sure the Ms. palmer is not going to let Erato have jessica. who has Enki’s puzzle painting?

    1. Lobria

      I wanted on the main characters. Often it’s just side characters or in a short story. I’ve been wanting a main mom to get fucked by there daughter like that. Either solo or threesome. There was good opportunity in wicked tower for the mom to get fucked by a futa but it didn’t happen so that was pretty disappointing for me. So maybe it’s just me but I so want this for this story.

    2. CaptainShadow

      Pretty sure that’s the point, but, all’s well that ends well, and, perhaps you remember what happened to Roy?

  9. Fred31267

    Hey Rawly, in the fact sheet (Thanx BTW) you list The Wicked Tower twice and the two descriptions of the scene do not match at all.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, there are multiple paintings for some of the stories.

  10. Holyx

    Hey Rawly I know this is off topic, but is Redoxxa planning to do Mothership wilderness and the new story being voted on now at the same time? So essentially two illustrations a month?

    1. Rawls

      With the new project, Redoxa will be working on two novels and short every month or so. That’s Something in the Water, Mothership, and the new story.

  11. Lobria

    Hey Rawls. I wanted to put some of my two cents on here again. I feel right now you are doing a good job with setting things up. I was thinking you are taking a while again to get to the main event but then again you do that with a lot of your stories so it’s not really a surprise. I feel that you are doing a good job with making your character’s different with there quirks, personalities, looks and the way they talk. But I think you could do better with that. With a big cast like this you need to really make them stand out from each other. I do think a character chart of who is who would be fantastic and I would recommend doing this with every story with a large cast for know on. We are reading this once a week and sometimes we don’t have time to go back and reread what your wrote so that would help get us up to speed. Also I like what you are doing with Eloise. I like how she is the one corrupting the main mother. Forgive me I can’t remember her name. I love that stuff. Also what your doing with sister with the futa. If your gonna do in the future what I think your gonna do I’m so down for it. It’s been something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I’m down lol. But I feel what makes this better is that you don’t have a underlying plot underneath this. For example, something in the water you had the alien plot. You don’t have that here. You have something similar but you do not keep cutting back to that anymore. I’m glad keep that brief cause at this point we are not really interested in that we are interested in the other parts. I’m curious once we start rolling with the mom and son how that’s gonna be but I’m glad you have more lesbian stuff in this. I’m very happy. Something different and refreshing. I know a lot of people don’t like that. But keep going with this. I for one am glad for this. We need more diversity in your stories and this is nice. Also thanks for the futa stuff again. It’s been something I’ve been wanting you to do for your main stories.

    Also I like the role reversals you have for the moms. You have the moms or mom being the Roy in the stitution and I love that. But you don’t use her too much. That is also good. Not having one thing overpower the main plot with the mom and son. You are doing good in this and there are some things you can still do better but you are still doing a great job. Take care Rawls. Looking forward to more.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for your feedback. You touch on a lot of unusual choices I made for this story. I went out on a limb with this one, I’m glad it’s working.

  12. Jolly Green

    Holy moly! 12 chapters to the main event is that a new record? I’m glad you chose to contine the series, the interplay of themes helps elevate the story and keeps you guessing what’s showing up next 🙂

    The scene between Kathy and her mom was off the charts, looking forward to Chapter 12.

  13. Fred31267

    I find the idea of Eloise intervening to protect her own turn an intriguing turn of events. I also don’t care for the Eddie character, a man can be demanding without being totally self centered. D/s relationships cover the full spectrum, not everyone is into humiliation. Consenting surrender is a thousand times sweeter than coerced.

  14. kljasdf

    Quick suggestion: A relationship graph would be really helpful as well, especially when I don’t feel like starting from the beginning again

    1. Rawls

      Yes, I can do that. I’ll have something posted before the next chapter.

  15. treetop

    Seems there’s an overlap of names for the families Kathy and Sam/Eddie.
    In Ch. 5/6, Kathy’s mom’s name is Adeline Bly.
    Sam/Eddie’s parents are Lindsey and Melvin.
    In subsequent Chs. Kathy’s parents are now also named Lindsey and Melvin.

    1. Rawls

      Great catch! This is what happens when I don’t look over my character sheet before starting a chapter. I’ll fix it and they’ll have their correct names in the new version when the next chapter comes out. Thank you!

  16. Rubicon

    It seems that only the texture version contains chapter 9.

    1. Rawls

      Hello! They’re both working. This sometimes happens if your browser has cached the old version.

      1. Rubicon

        Cleared the cache and got the update. Thx for the support.

  17. Planet4

    Judging by the amount of replies and reactions to this story it’s certainly caught everyone’s attention.
    And while not everyone has a positive response I appreciate no one’s been totally shitty about it (well done, everyone, keep it up).

    It reminds me, again, how astonishing it is that Rawly manages to create so much variety within relatively bounded material. From a high enough view, all of the stories on this site could be lumped under “incest impregnation fantasies.” Which are not even in my top list of interests! And yet I’m happy to contribute my money and read EVERYTHING because Rawly writes across such a broad scope of situations and with a firm grasp of character and story telling mechanics that I find myself swept up and turned on.

    Quite the magic trick, you glorious word wizard.

    (I’m also quite glad Sam kneed Eddie in the ghoulies.)

    1. Rawls

      Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! It’s very inspiring to get such detailed praise. More stories on the way. 🙂

  18. Thomas_windsor

    Also, I hate to say it but, I find Eddie and Samantha’s story grossly hot. Like I really don’t want Samantha to get fucked by her gross asshole brother, I hope Noah is the one who ends up impregnating her. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that the idea of pure, innocent, adorable Sam getting bred and used as a cumdump by her gross brother is also hot. The idea makes me really angry lol, but also kind of turned on. Eddie is the kind of character you don’t want to win, but is a bad guy u love to hate.

    1. Rawls

      This was the common response to Roy, the character that Eddie borrows his powers from. We’ll have to see if Eddie follows the same path.

  19. Thomas_windsor

    I really like Melanie and Lauren’s story line best so far. The image of Melanie’s blue hair tossing around and her blue toes curling as her pussy just gets dummy pummeled by her mom is 10/10. I think it would be really hot if you wrote a story all about a futa mom breeding her daughter(s). Or, maybe a futa teen girl breeding her mom and her sisters. Although, I find the idea of a mature futa mom breeding her innocent little daughter more intriguing than a young futa breeding her mom. You have quite a lot of mom’s getting bred by their children; I think it would be a hot new take for a whole story to flip the tables a little. Maybe even have a mom somehow breed her son???? Just some ideas, I trust you already have quite a lot of juicy, hot concepts waiting for us!

    1. Rawls

      A futa only story is possible, we’ll have to see …

  20. Craig23

    I was so excited about this story, but I haven’t been turned on in chapters. Has the plot advanced at all? It’s challenging to keep up with all of the characters and unless you’ve loved everything Rawls has ever written you’re guaranteed to read about something you’re not into practically every chapter. Looking forward to enjoying other Rawls stories in the future.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, the plot has advanced, haha. I hear that this story isn’t for you. Thank you for the feedback.

      1. Craig23

        I continue to be a big fan of yours and your work.

        1. Rawls

          I appreciate your saying so, Craig23 🙂

    2. Dudeorama

      I’ll double this. 5 different(mostly separate) sets of characters, all who are moving at different speeds in terms of plot and character progression, all going got a different kink tying back into Rawly’s signature plot hooks. It’s a lot in six chapters and kinda hard to focus on anyone

      1. AuntLover

        I’m really enjoying the build up in this story. The quip about Ben’s wife got me good lol

  21. Thomas_windsor

    Hell yeaaaaaaa, “Eloise Palmer is on the case.”- Fucking rights she is!

  22. Uncletom20

    Can’t see or download text or pdf that includes Chapter 6

  23. Chucked_Sandwich

    Good luck to the whoever takes up the illustration on this one 🙂

  24. doomslayer5489

    I’m not sure why but I really hope Eddie doesn’t get involved with Samantha, I hope it stays between him and his mother and that Samantha and Noah get together somehow. I like the hints that Samantha is being affected but I just hope it stays at that

    1. Rawls

      Samantha is no wilting flower, we’ll just have to see if she can escape her brother …

      1. doomslayer5489

        I hope she’s able to escape, but maybe with a few extra curves from the effect of the painting in her house, would be nice to see Noah help her escape and have them both meet Mrs. Palmer to help them

  25. Jack Ittard

    Pleased to see Erato getting a gig here as I felt that story ended way too soon. Just brilliant writing as per usual, it will be interesting to read how this universe continues to unfold.

    1. Rawls

      I thought so too, about Erato. I’m glad Lauren and Melanie got to meet the high priestess 😄

  26. DarkArthas

    Sigh. I had such high hopes for this and it’s been rather disappointing. The story feels less like the Palmer Mansion and more like There is Something in the Water. And There is Something in the Water is one of your worst stories in my opinion.

    1. bostant

      Actually there is something in water is one of her best.

      1. Lobria

        I feel it’s in the middle. There are some great stuff in it but a lot of low. Some boring scenes and characters that are not interesting. It’s a struggle to read and I have to skip stuff to get to some things that I like. But not the worst story.

  27. chesswing

    Love the story! I’m really hoping/not looking forward to if the Roy-like character breaks out too much beyond his mother. I love rereading stories, but I’ve never gone back to that story because Roy was so infuriating.
    I feel like for the sake of this story, something would likely happen between him and Samantha, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

    The rest of the story is great, though! I just seem to have a deep hatred for Roy lol.

    1. Rawls

      Eddie will have a different character arc than Roy. The paintings are gaining influence, but new paths will emerge.

  28. Italian10inch

    Once again, out of the ballpark. Tight and well paced. New character development is great and well mirrored with the underlying original stories. Again, nice dance on the senses. The underlying investigation with it twists, turns, revelations and maybe consequences is the perfect glue to everything.

    1. Rawls

      Really appreciate this feedback. You describe exactly what I’m going for 🙂

  29. Lobria

    Wow really like this. Once again you do a great job with set up. I like your character’s in this one. I feel what you are doing better here then in Something in the water is focusing right now on the mom and son character’s and making the others side but still part of the main story. Plus I feel that the built up to when the mom becomes corrupt is gonna be great like in palmer mansion. Also YES FUTA hell yeah. Thank you for that. I’m glad you put in one of your main stories. I know it’s a side plot but hey I’m fine with that. Though I do hope that the main sister character does see it and ends up fucking the mom and a possibly threesome with her brother. But hey you do you. Thank you for that that was great. Also the main friend group is better and more diverse thank you for that as well. Overall great set up and I can’t wait for this to progress. Also clever way of bringing in previous works in this. Nice. Does explain which ones are canon and which one are multiverse if you could say lol. Good character’s, pacing, futa stuff is hot and will get hotter and finally a mom and daughter character. I know you did it before but like I said a main story. Nice. Thanks again Rawls for putting there and keep up the great work. I”m eagerly waiting the next one. Though you are killing me with how long this will take lol. But built up is better. See ya later and keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Rawls

      Your analysis is spot on! I really wanted to have a wider character base, but not dilute the story (that has happened to my novels a few times, I think). This way we focus on the Readers, but also get to see what’s happening with other people, too. Appreciate the thoughtful feedback!

      1. Fred31267

        Took eight weeks off to tend to my spouse after her surgery and was thrilled to find this story has progressed in the time I was absent. Bravo, looking forward to Chapter 5 and beyond! Sadly I do not recognize all of the paintings mentioned, presumably because some of them are Illustrated Only. Would you consider releasing your older Illustrated stories in a companion text only format? I have a verbal mind and words draw the scenes for me far better than any illustration. Any time I see a movie based on a book I find it to be a disappointment. I believe the same is true of illustrated stories, the pictures in my mind are much more complete than what an artist can put on the page.

        1. Rawls

          All the illustrated stories have their text released before the illustrated chapters. The basic membership has access to all my text stories. Don’t forget about Zapped! and Other Short Stories, lots of stories in there. You have all the clues available to the mystery of the paintings 🙂

  30. Osiris908

    Holy shit this is slow build. 4 chapters in and still waiting! Still love it if increasingly frustrated.

    1. Rawls

      Ratcheting up the pressure … until … the dam … breaks!

      1. Osiris908

        Ooh I like that. Keep up the great work. Don’t listen to me or anyone else’s bitching. You’re the best.

  31. hooperhap

    Can’t wait for this to keep going

  32. Planet4

    Enjoying this thoroughly for all the steamy reasons, but have to say I’m also thrilled at how it’s linking up the Rawly Connected Universe.

    When I started reading your stuff I did not expect to get to the story that is essentially your “The Avengers” but a hearty congratulations for patiently weaving the threads together like this.

    1. Rawls

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      “Corrupted ladies! Assemble!”

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    1. Rawls

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  34. Cart93

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    1. Rawls

      It’s something that many people like that I enjoy writing about.

      1. Planet4

        I’m one of those many that enjoy it AND I can see it’s a side plot. I appreciate the inclusion but also that it’s not the focus.

        You can’t please everyone, but I get that not everything has to be tailored to my exact tastes.

        Definitely looking forward to this story’s progression!

  35. Jolly Green

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  36. Lead_Cenobite

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      1. Schunn99

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    1. Rawls

      I don’t have any plans for any more illustrations for this novel until the story gets full illustrations.

      1. Holyx

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