The Stone Hertz Ch. 1 to 10

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Learn what happens when a dark stone mixes with a science experiment.

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4.0 out of 5 dark stones (based on 22 reviews)
Very good36%

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  1. brentssecretary

    Oh man I absolutely love this story and these horny bitches in heat. I’m sad to see it not getting rave reviews!

  2. R03N

    Im not sure on the ending. Seems you suddenly just ended it. Not a fan of idea of sharing and we have no idea on where things stand. It had the potential for like another 10 chapter and the illustrations were great. Disappointed with this chapter and the dramatic conclusion.

  3. Cart93

    I must say I liked this story until the final chapter. Just not my thing at all. Everything was exactly the stuff I dislike the most in my harem/erotica. Kind of funny how much of my personal dislikes it hit. However, it seems like many of the readers from the comments appreciated the finish so I can’t say it didn’t work. Gotta keep your audience happy and it seems you did. Oh well Plenty of other stories are here for varied tastes. Keep on trucking.

  4. 7Myxzptlk

    Orgy? Nice ending.
    Cucked? Sweet ending.
    Police? Good twist ending.

    I liked the finale and hope we get an epilogue chapter someday. Maybe Caden’s kids grew up after he spent 20 yrs in jail, and there’s a new generation of youths born from his machine and that pool orgy?

    Only a suggestion.

    1. RRexamsam

      I think the machine falling into wrong hands, or maybe the ladies gifting it to someone else would be cool.

      1. 7Myxzptlk

        Maybe the PD lab tech examining the machine may figure out how it works and “studies” it further off hours? Controlled environment tests of course, since Caden allowed it to get out of hand. XD

  5. Schunn99

    Well if any of his women do get pregnant, hard to know while he and possibly they are all in jail.

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    I’m curious now to see how he’ll treat his bitches after they swell with his pups

  7. Lobria

    Good stuff. I love the writing in this and love that you have two women going at it. I know you have before but it’s nice to see this happening more in your stories. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mother and daughter going at like this. Good job as always

    1. Rawls

      Mother/daughter scenes are in the works 😉

  8. Minoin

    Hi there Rawls,
    Thank for another great and intriguing story. I really liked them all 😀

    One question: do you have a “The Stone” timeline or story chronology somewhere? Or maybe a recommended reading order? I keep jumping between stories where the stone is featured and it would be nice if there was some sort order in them that creates a sort of meta-story.

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Rawls


      All the stories can be read in any order. I haven’t put together a Dark Stone Universe timeline, but most of the stones were created in Palmer Mansion. There were other stones, however, that predate those. This would be a good topic to bring up on my Discord. Maybe someone would want to put together a timeline.

      1. Lobria

        I would love that. A timeline would be tones of fun. Also I love this series. Was a bit iffy on the art choice but I grew to love it and glad you continued this. Keep up the great work. Also Enkie Puzzle. Excellent and your best work. Will comment on that later but wanted to tell you right now.

  9. Kilrathie56

    I keep getting Page Not Found, for both links.

    1. bigred411

      This was posted on the wrong thing!! Sorry!