Under Fire Ch. 1 to 4

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A military mother comes home and finds that her son has started his own massage business.

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  1. Paradox330

    Is there any updates for this one? I enjoyed the texts and was hoping there would be an eventual continuation, but it’s been over a year. Any updates on when we could see a next chapter or two?

  2. Lurifaks86

    I love this storiy but it seems to me that the stories i like the most are the ones that are slowly coming out compared to when they where started and when other stories started. Will be copying this into a couple of other chats to as subtle hint :p (also i dont care if there are no drawings)

  3. hd04

    Are there no more chapters coming out (text or other)? Have not seen anything for almost a year

    1. Rawls

      I have an update. I talked to JDseal today actually. Under Fire will continue, but with less illustrations per chapter, and it will be in black and white instead of color.

      1. Celtic

        Looking forward to you releasing chapter 5

        1. Osiris908

          Yeah cmon ch. 5! Been almost a year. It was just getting good too!

  4. billys1

    This story should get fast uploads not slow please. There are only few good stories left here and it’s one of them.

    1. Rawls

      If you mean the pace of new chapters, that’s up to JDseal’s schedule. When we started this collaboration, we agreed that he wouldn’t work on it regularly, but might take many months between chapters.

    1. Rawls

      JDseal runs on his own schedule. He’s still planning to continue this, but he’s doing other things. This one will move along slowly.

      1. Joe McNamara

        Is there somewhere on the site where we can see a roadmap / timeline of the stuff that’s actually getting attention?

          1. Joe McNamara

            I hope you take this comment in the admiring spirit it’s intended, hah ha : I’m so excited and anticipatory for this story, and I hate that it basically went on ice before we got to the mother yielding to him. Really looking forward to next installment.

  5. doorknob22

    I love the more dominant boyz. Go Benjie!

  6. Dogboy1313

    Can’t wait for benje to lay some pipe in Mom and let her know who’s in charge.

  7. Schunn99

    just waiting for the neigherhood’s young women and MILf’s bellies to swell. while under the influence of the dark stone from benji’s massages.