Writing update 9/26/22

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I’m back to writing again, but it’s slow going. I’m getting lots of rest to help with the recovery, but I’m still struggling with fatigue and brain fog. I hope that will continue to improve. Despite my pace, I expect to have the next chapter of Palmer Legacy ready this Friday.

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  1. Lobria

    I’m very happy your feeling a lot better Rawls. Please if you need more rest take it. Don’t overdo it. We can wait don’t worry. I’m glad you doing better and hopefully this illness passes soon. Take care.

  2. Rawls

    Again, thanks for all the well wishes! I’m resting up and gathering my strength. 🙂

    1. alldragon

      I have problems with the collection of my membership.
      They just reduced my monthly payment again from my card and it expires until October 1. In addition, I do not like the automatic renewal system, due to the same situations that have occurred. I am concerned that on October they will charge me my monthly payment again. Can you help me solve this problem?

      1. Rawls

        I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ll email you about this and help you with your membership.

  3. DM1485

    Good to hear you’re getting better. Being sick is hot garbage.

  4. MixWizard

    You push out more great content than so many others out there – you’ve outpaced pretty much everyone and provided us with such great work. Take your time and get yourself well – we’ll be here ready and waiting for when you’re ready to entertain us!

  5. luckydave

    I’m still so sorry that this happened to you and I hope that you find yourself feeling even better soon

  6. JAlvaFeb

    Glad to hear you’re getting better. Worry about you first. We can enjoy new chapters later if need be.

  7. mvilla

    Mothership wilderness status update as well? Thanks..

    1. Rawls

      The next chapter should release tomorrow.

  8. Shoddinator

    All good Rawly! Take as long as you gotta to get back into the groove

    1. cmj15301

      Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Looking forward to more chapters, but only when you are up to it. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.