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A few times a year, I’ll run a poll to gauge reader interest in various illustrators. This will help me allocate my resources as I make decisions about what projects to pursue. Your feedback is helpful and important!

I’m only including artists that have already completed a project with me and are possibly available for future projects.

Feel free to add comments below if you have opinions you’d like to share. The poll will stay open until the end of the month.

Vote for your EIGHT favorite artists. 

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Your favorite illustrator fall: vote for top 8
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  1. Old-school Perv

    I think what always throws me off about so many of your artists is their divergence from the text.

    When I’m reading the illustrated version and reading a description only to have the imagery be different can be jarring.

    Some artists just have a style they stick too and won’t deviate. JD Seal draws every woman with massive zeppelin tits from picture one until the end. Regardless of if their first mention has them with smaller breasts. TenderminDD seems to refuse to draw the monster cocks (though they are quite large) as described in the text. And they are still two of my favorites.

    Also love the Pegasus adaptations, but he suffers from the opposite problem of TM and draws absurd penises that appear to be over two feet long. I’m hoping you get the Goldilocks artist some day that scratches all my perverse itches.

  2. Thomas_windsor

    Lexx228 is definitely #1. How consistently awesome their chapters are is great and they turn out illustrations fairly quick!
    Also, I absolutely LOVE BSA’s illustrations in cursed recollections. The way they draw moms 🤤
    And NickEronic! Love me some “Anything for Robby.” Hope they tackle a nee project for you once that one is done

  3. BWayMarshall

    1 honorary vote for Redoxa! Wherever you are, thank you for everything 🙏

  4. Cluff77

    I do like JD’s work more than some of the others but felt I couldn’t vote for someone who can’t do the work. Should JD be in the poll?

    1. Rawls

      Under Fire is officially an open project. And he has said that he’s working on it. So, I think he should be in the poll. That said, an illustrator’s working pace could definitely be a factor in your voting.