Your favorite stories: July 2022

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I’m checking in to gauge how people are enjoying different stories. Try to choose your favorites based on the text and not the illustrated or audio versions. Your votes will help me decide which stories to start in the future.

Vote for your FIVE favorite stories. Poll closes on August 1st.

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Your favorite stories: vote for top 5
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  1. rtr9209

    With so many great choices I found picking just five to be quite difficult. Your stories are just awesome. Keep up the great work.

  2. AnonymousAndy

    I couldnt vote for “12 Days of the Stone”, “Nefarious Elves” or “Roll 10 for a Save” but I quite enjoyed those ones as well.

  3. DoesNotMatter

    To be honest, it’s rather hard to pick 5, when there are around 7-8 that are just so very good, with 2-3 that are easy picks cause they are exceptional. Which is a pretty good position to be in for an author, so kudos.

  4. chesswing

    Are you able to mix up the pool between users? I wonder how much of an influence the order shown has on the results. I’m biased, of course, but I’m surprised how low The Wicked Tower is on the list. Hands down my favorite story. It had the perfect mix of story to sex while having a main character that was a good kid. Also, the villains were pretty good. I liked how the villain wasn’t just a sex-crazed person who didn’t care about others. One was, but the other didn’t even care for sex until the end. I especially liked how the sex-crazed one didn’t have too much of an appearance relative to some of the other stories and died in a truly satisfying way.
    Plus, pregnancy was brought in early rather than being a point for the epilogue. I constantly go back and read the chapter were they all become pregnant in quick succession.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Rawls

      I love The Wicked Tower, but it’s never been my most popular story. I appreciate your feedback and mostly agree with your points. As for the order of the poll, the software automatically orders them from most votes to least, and I think that makes sense, although it may create a bias.

  5. 7Myxzptlk

    in defense of the Aztec Dynasty, it is a brand spanking new title. So it will need time to develop.