3838 Walnut Street Ch. 1 to 8

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Almost a century ago, something moved into the apartment building at 3838 Walnut Street. Ever since then, there have been disappearances and strange events reported. Follow several tenants as they try to uncover what’s at the heart of this preternatural building and how to stop the corruption that inevitably spreads within those walls. Their stories span different times, but they all have the same place in common: the nefarious 3838 Walnut Street.

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4.6 out of 5 dark stones (based on 50 reviews)
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  1. QQSV

    Nasty error on the last page of chapter 8? The date given for the last section is February 1954, but you specified December 1954 in a previous section with these characters. Did you mean 1955, or is time going backwards?

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for catching this typo. Time is not running backwards 🙂 It should say 1955. It will be corrected in the version of the story published next week.

  2. NoblisOBE

    Wow. This one is really wild, you have outdone yourself. It gives me slight Donnie darko mixed with devil’s advocate vibes mixed with the usual rawly magic. The interconnected, possibly converging, timelines give the it a sense of mystery, a puzzle to be solved. You also have high stakes as a character dies, is killed by another character. People died in the space cruise ship adventure but as a result of radiation and a monster but this is the second time that one of your characters commits a murder.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Really leaning into the erotic horror with this one. Lots more darkness ahead 🙂

      1. NoblisOBE

        Usually the enhanced virility/fertility of the characters is to the character’s advantage and happiness but in this one, even if they ‘win’ they still could ‘lose’ as who knows what the successful ritual will entail? It’s already cost one character and to no apparent benefit. For me, at least, it does feel like almost anything could happen to any of the characters both good and bad and the danger or horror could come from almost anywhere or anyone.

        I also like how you have given your characters a bit of depth and not gone for cliches. The young Muslim women is vivacious and naughty instead of shy and passive.

        I have noticed a trend with your young vivacious women characters like Maggie chambers and Ava Roslin; their character arcs seem to petter out or are pawned off to lesser character. Maggie chambers storyline was dropped particularly unceremoniously. Now it was a gods wrath that did it and that the reader feels the loss of that character is good for the oft repeated stakes of the story. I just think that the willingness of a slightly outsiderish person to be part and party to some of the more wicked activities adds to the libertine and debauched elements/themes in the story. As a reader one wonders if these vivacious characters couldn’t be useful conduits for bringing other women into the male protagonists sway, particularly women the vivacious character has a close relationship with. Your writings have a particular focus and ultimately it’s your bbq and it taste good, I just wonder if this particular ingredient might be put to more effective use.

        At any rate, I am enjoying the mystery and the darkness in this story. Ithink you have really hit on something here. Please continue the great work.

  3. kadrender

    this story is tagged as complete. is it still the main story or did you change your mind? also, i was wondering if it would be possible to tag add more nuanced tags to your stories going forward?

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for pointing that out. It was an error because I made the page by cloning the last main novel which was complete. This story is ongoing.

      I haven’t made more nuanced tags, because the thought of organizing that way exhausts me. But you can let me know what you had in mind, and I’ll think it over.

  4. RogalDorn

    I’m really liking this story, when do the updates usually come out?

    1. Rawls

      This is a main novel, so a new chapter comes out every Friday.

  5. Lobria

    Thank you for the time-line chart. It really helped me.

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    So far, the 1954 setting is my favorite. The 2015 segments are a close second with 1993 in third place.

  7. JTass

    FYI – I noticed a typo on page 19:
    “Here me … Brian Kwon … I am Ogganse”

    Should be “Hear me …”

    1. Rawls

      Good catch, thank you! It will be changed for the next version of the story on Friday.

  8. Lobria

    Ok reading this I’m worried. This feels like it’s gonna be a convulted mess again. No offense. But I will of course give it a chance it’s just that your not very good at multiple stories at the same time and having it all make sense. Also depending how you write them I hope it’s not another something in the water. I hope whatever son it is is more like David then Patrick. Also put the different names and dates in bold and with different colors it would be easier to identify each story. Rawlys your scaring me with this story right now and I didn’t like the last one and didn’t like the last story with a big cast. I’m crossing my fingers this works for me. Keep it simple and have good pacing. For the love of God please.

    1. Rawls

      I feel like maybe my stories aren’t for you. You are entitled to like what you like, but so am I. And so are all the other 2600+ paying members on this site.

      1. ColdDeadFishOnRice

        I do like the large casts and evolving story arcs myself, but its often a fine line between being a fun read and a convoluted mess. For your longer stories, I tend to wait for a few chapters to be available before reading.

      2. Lobria

        i put my foot in my mouth again on both stories. I’ll stop commenting or comment less. I do have criticisms at times but I still like your work but I do get to passionate and my last comment on mother’s return especially the language was uncalled for. I’ll just wait and see and just use a few words. Your stories are still good especially your shorts. I just get carried away. I’ll stop now. Making you uncomfortable and frustrated with me wasn’t what I wanted. I need to learn how to do a better job of doing this.

        1. Rawls

          Again, thank you for the apology. I appreciate it.

  9. Acclord

    Loved the new storyline, I hope it is maneageable not to get confused on story timelines. My sugestion is to try to concentrate on one timeline and avoid jumping around to much.

  10. Lurifaks86

    Hi! Im only curious. Why start another story when there are so many good ongoing stories that are coming out much slower than for example Mother Returned. That story is the perfect example of what i mean. One story comes out fast and leaves all the others on hold. Take the new Palmer story for example, here the illustrated version is out looong before the next chapter is out. My favorite The Pleistocene Ring last chapter came out in november 🙁 Surviving the after is another very good story that i would love to see come out more often. Just my thoughts.

    1. Rawls

      I have one very long novel going at a time, it’s not written for illustrations. All the other stories are shorter and written for illustrations. I write the next chapter when the illustrator is ready for them.

  11. Rawls

    Thanks for all the comments so far! I’m looking forward to delivering more chapters!

  12. luckydave

    Love the occult mystery angle of this story. The cadence of the braided stories is great. Excited to read more!

  13. crazydorian

    I’m really enjoying this so farl. Nice to start out with the intense stuff in the 50’s, and then we have an idea of what the other time periods and perspectives are leading to, without giving away the ‘why’ of it all. I’ve no doubt this is going to be an exciting one to see unfold every week

      1. Rawls

        The main story novel chapters come every week on Friday. I haven’t missed one yet since starting in 2021.

  14. Zettbo

    Great start. Already a fan of the atmosphere and setting. I’m imagining the building as a perverted version of The Arconia from Only Murders in the Building.

    The format of the narrative with the perspective of multiple families across timelines makes for an intriguing mystery.

  15. Justadude7758

    Didn’t anticipate the format for this story. Will definitely be following this one!

  16. Thomas_windsor

    exciting new beginning to another main story!