A Stone in Spring

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A college student finds a stone that lands him the perfect girlfriend. When he brings her home, his mother is not pleased.

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Illustrations by DwightSanchez: www.dwightsanchez.com

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4.7 out of 5 dark stones (based on 16 reviews)
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  1. 7Myxzptlk

    Love me some pregnancies! Can’t wait to see the pregnant girlfriend help the MC inbreed his mother and sister.

  2. Anteater

    I do love this story, variety is good. It is interesting how Kaylee came to care so much for Aiden than just lusting for him.

  3. plcwiz

    It’s great that another story out of the Zapped collection of stories has been illustrated. Keep the ball rolling! The text stories are great by themselves but the illustrations by excellent artist only adds the final master touch to be a classic.

    Being a fan of the dark stone I was thrilled to see this story illustrated! I truly do see this becoming a short series of chapters with the mother, son and possibly the sister considering her unusual interest in Kaylee.

  4. narutoharuno009

    The race play is managed well, I enjoy your writing man.

  5. Oden1987

    It seems like you’re rushing the storyline. Jumping from one scene to another. I do like the different angle and perspective of the story. The illustrations are good and robust, change is good.

  6. Noat

    I like the illustrations in this chapter, the selection of the scenes to illustrate was great. Well done. it made the flow or the combination of the art and text seem very fluent and reading it felt great

    • The first Image is great. It is very detailed and looks great, I love the design of the dark stone.
    • The second image is very hot, I like how accurate or fitting the image is to the text, so watching the image and reading the text was feels “alive”.
    • The third Image is good, I like how you drew the family. You drew the disapproval in the mother well, I love the “Mr.Burns excellent” vibe the sister has hahaha.

    The fourth image is very helpful to set the scene, I felt the image being “alive” when it was added to the text. I also love that we see more of the mother, she looks stunning. Much appreciated.
    • The fifth image is very helpful in setting the scene like the fourth image, having it alongside the text was great. I love how Kaylee looks, so hot but she also looks worried for Aiden, you captured that well, so she looks hot but also very sweet.
    • The sixth image is very hot. I like how you drew Aiden and Kaylee. I love Kaylee’s ass and her swollen pregnant belly. Aiden’s dick is also good.
    • The seventh image is great, it captures the climax of the story well and is very well drawn. I love Kaylee’s pose and her facial expression. The mother looks amazing, on her knees eating the pussy and touching herself. The stone looks great, you can see the aura it emits and how its glow reflects on the naked bodies which made the influence of the stone on them more evident.

  7. Kilrathie56

    Love this story, definitely deserves a second part getting the boyfriend/son more involved.

    1. Rawls

      I hadn’t really considered a sequel, but if there’s enough interest …

      1. Pkacua

        Keep it going! Son and mom, wife and sister, so much potential

  8. ChromeDragon

    Once again a new style in art. I like the style for this story.
    The characters and the clean and have a more youthful look then I pictured when I read the story without the art. I do love the contrast in skin color and also the expression of the characters. Expressions are always nice to see especially in these type stories. Stories can be told from facial expressions whether playful to dismissive, to lustful.

    Nice work, Dwight Sanchez

  9. Berniscurs

    The art is very good and the mother looks very good too but recently there has been a lot of lesbian, I do not like it very much but if it is what the community wants then it is fine

    1. Rawls

      There’s a variety. Mom/son will always be the mainstay.