An update on Marooned Christmas.

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I was planning on releasing the next chapter of Marooned Christmas next Christmas. But since the feedback on this story was so overwhelmingly positive, (I do pay attention to comments and ratings) BSA and I have talked about releasing a chapter of Marooned Christmas every few months this year. Probably culminating in the finale next Christmas. So, more snowed in moments on the way.

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  1. MtFooLikeBar

    That is lovely news, big thanks to both of you and a happy new year!

  2. ReadRawls69

    Yes. We should learn from mr Scrooge & keep Christmas in our hearts year round

  3. Tony Strokes

    Excellent news. I did enjoy the first chapter and the premise seems very promising.

  4. divemaster99


  5. elekhi

    Much appreciated! We are looking forward to the next piece ^^

  6. Thomas_windsor

    Thanks for the update. A culmination next christmas sounds lovely!

  7. BWayMarshall

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read more of the story.