An update on stalled projects.

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First, I’d like to let you all know that there is still no word from Redoxa. At this point, I am willing to acknowledge that there is little hope of his return. He was a good friend and a great collaborator. He will be missed. It is with a heavy heart that I will start to look to reboot his projects. Going forward, I won’t have an illustrator working on more than one major project at once.

I have heard from EsotericBunny off and on. Unfortunately, it seems she won’t be able to continue on Nosferatu Next Door. So, that story will also go into the reboot queue.

I spoke with JDseal recently. We agreed that going forward Under Fire would have less illustrations per chapter, and the illustrations would be in black and white. With those changes, we expect more frequent chapters.

M-Slava lives in a difficult place in the world right now. I’m going to give him as much time as he needs to work on Freya’s Lottery. It may take a long time between chapters.

NickEronic and I have talked recently, we hope to have more regularly updated chapters of Anything for Robby going forward.

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  1. Lobria

    Hey Rawlys late to this but got busy because adulting sucks but I’m here again. Sorry about Redoxa that is terrible I wish his family well. His art was great and I”m from what you said seem like a good guy. I figured you were gonna wait till the new year to announce something with him like rebooting his work but I get it and support it.

    Now speaking of not have an illustrator working on more then one project. thank you. that is better because when Redoxa did that if felt un consisnt his art and then I”m like oh my god another one by him. Plus your site feel really barren now. Granted I”m here fro your stories and main stories but it feels weird not having art on here since he was a major illustrator. So too me that’s good news as well. Sometimes it can be overload and the art needs to remain good with every project.

    Jd situation I get. I follow him on subscibstar and he makes good work. His black and white stuff is great. it’s super hot and very well done. He struggles a lot sometimes and I know with other works it’s harder. I think this a fair comprise since it’s one of my favorite stories on here and kills me that I don’t see more of it. So cant’ wait to see that.

    for M Salva I hope he is ok and hope he stays safe. Glad Nick is alright might have problems with his stuff glad he is ok and sucks about nosferatu but glad they told you something and not leave you hanging.

    All in all I’m glad you gave us this update especially with Jd because I hate asking him directly where is it. Looking forward to more updates and more of yours and everyone’s works. have a good day everyone and Goodbye Redoxa you will be missed.

  2. Thomas_windsor

    Sweeeeeeeeet. I was wondering when “Anything for Robby” was going to get an update. Love the illustrations and cant wait to see how many babies Betty gives Robby

  3. nlatimer84

    I was going to ask about a few stories pretty quickly. But you posted before I could.

    I want to agree with some of the other comments here, I have no problems with the illustrations, but I am more here fore the stories. I am a pretty avid reader and I’ve read more than a few stories here and have been left hanging because they aren’t done. I hope that some of them start getting semi-regular updates.

  4. Craig23

    Thanks for the update. I agree with the others that the stories are the most important thing. I’d much rather know that every text story that’s begun will be regularly updated until they’re completed than for stories to go on hold for reasons beyond your control.

  5. bosterito959

    Thank you for the update; but I think that is a common sentiment, the stories are the main plate in this menu. the ilustrations are like a side dish. Also I think that will be wise if you start to finishing some projects, even though it is good to have a variety sometime too many is too many. Godspeed

  6. Lurifaks86

    Thanks for the update! Sad to hear about the artist but for me personally im glad if several of the stories that has been on hold for a while continues. Illustrations is cool but the story is more important in my mind.

  7. Thickdick

    Damn, Redoxa had such a nice style to his works. Awesome to see what he could do and accomplish especially with the amount of work he juggled. Will be very missed. That being said, I am happy to hear of a new perspective on the different comics he worked on. Will be very refreshing to see new stuff on Something in the Water, and Aztec. Hopefully they’re up to snuff and can really give us something special in honor of Redoxa!

  8. Osiris908

    How about more of Lexx228? I love their work – prob my second fav next to Redoxa.

    1. Rawls

      Redoxa was very singular in what he could create with 3D. It’s very difficult to create new environments and clothes with those tools, but he did it all the time Mothership and SitW. I don’t think I can replace him on those with another 3D artist. Lexx is awesome as well, and we will continue to work together. We have an announcement planned for a new project together sometime soon.

  9. 7Myxzptlk

    Redoxa will be missed. I hope his health is recovering and we hear about him in some time from now.

    That said, best of luck with whomever you find to reboot the stalled projects.

  10. bekirelik

    To be completely honest I feel sorry about the projects being left unfinished but they weren’t my favorites anyway. I am enjoying the updates, thanks for your work.

    Do you have any plans to continue older projects such as “The Barter” or any plans for new illustrations with SatanicFruitcake as the artists?

    1. Rawls

      The Barter was one of the one-time shorts I wrote a while back. I don’t plan to continue any of those.

      SatanicFruitcake has spent the last 17 months or so working on The Wicked Tower. I love working with her and plan to give her a new project with Wicked Tower is complete.

  11. crazydorian

    That is definitely sad about Redoxa, and EsotericBunny, but appreciate the update. And hopefully M-Slava will be able to keep safe as well.

  12. Holyx

    Also Rawly I would like to suggest MandoLogica from subscribe star. He is a really good 3d artist and a good replacement for Redoxa.

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t think MondoLogica would be a good fit for my stories.

  13. Holyx

    Losing Redoxa sucks, but at the same time life happens. Good luck to him since he was such a great illustrator and I wish him well.

  14. Haberdashery

    Redoxa will be missed and I’m sorry to hear about the reduction of JDseal illustrations but I’m glad that we’ll get more overall from them.

  15. ChromeDragon

    We will miss Redoxa and hopefully MSlava is ok he really is in a difficult place.

  16. comicrelief

    Well, not much to really say except, sorry about Redoxa. Suzy in “There is Something in the Water” is one of my favorite character illustrations.

  17. Shoddinator

    The Redoxa and Bunny news is hard to hear. But glad to hear about the other artists!