An update on two new projects coming soon.

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SatanicFruitcake was originally going to work on Something in the Water after Wicked Tower. But after reading the first chapters of 3838 Walnut Street, she decided to switch to that story instead. So, after Wicked Tower is done in a couple months, she will start illustrating 3838 Walnut Street.

Adun would like to work at a faster pace than I can promise him while working on one short story. So, he is starting work on a reboot of Mothership Wilderness. The first chapter should arrive this month. He will work on that and My Mother’s Secret Identity in tandem.

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  1. rtr9209

    That’s great news!! I’m a HUGE fan of Adun’s work!!

  2. DM1485

    I just hope Adun doesn’t overextend himself, Like JD did, or….disappear… like Redoxa did.

    The worst part is not ACTUALLY knowing what became of Red…all we have is speculation, rumors, and assumptions.

    Still, Adun does pretty good work, so this should be good.

  3. comicrelief

    I do not envy the job of scene selection on 3838. After such a good job on “The Wicked Tower;” I am quite sure it will be handled nicely.

  4. divemaster99

    Great news….sooo looking forward to your reboot of mothership wilderness (miss this illustrated story)!!
    As for 3838 Walnut Street I’m saving my opinion for some drift illustrations.