Choose the next audio story for HannahSlamma: winner is Serum 42

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HannahSlamma is wrapping up her work on The Guide. I’ll plan to release those chapters every few weeks. She’ll soon be ready to start working on a new audio story. She’s narrowed it down to five, but there can be only one. Vote for your two top choices. The vote winner will get turned into an audio story next. 


Vote twice. Poll expires on 8/18/22.


Winner is Serum 42 XXL

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554 days 21 hours left to vote
Choose the next audio story for HannahSlamma: select 2
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  1. JTass

    None of the above. HannaSlamma is a decent narrator, but the production quality of her output is substandard.

    1. HannahSlamma

      Hi there JTass! I noted the first comment of yours last year on Coyote’s Trick expressing your displeasure with my work and while it did bum me out, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, this comment makes me wonder if you have listened to any of the more recent audio chapters since then? I have upgraded my mic and gained nearly another full year of narration and editing experience so I certainly hope I have improved over time! Every artist I know has the goal of growth as a creator so I would appreciate more productive feedback on what it is you do not enjoy about the listening experience. Cheers,

      1. JTass

        Hi Hannah,

        I have indeed listened to your more recent recordings for Rawly, and I have noticed the improvement your referred to, so I absolutely give you credit where it’s due. Please also note that in all of my criticism, I noted that your narration is good. I have never had anything negative to say about your talents as a voice actor; any criticism I have is related to your studio hardware or software.

        That said, I feel that the production values of your finished work still has a great deal of room for improvement. The lack was definitely more pronounced in your early work on Coyote’s Trick, where (to me, at least) the sound quality was grainy and the words slightly indistinct.

        The sound quality on your more recent recordings of The Guide was significantly better, so the new mic purchase was definitely worth the investment. However, something is still off with these recordings. It sounds almost as if the playback is set to play back at 1.1X the recording speed. The pitch of your voice seems artificially higher and the pacing is slightly faster than normally paced speech. I listen to an enormous number of audiobooks, plus I also have a bit of personal experience with recording and studio work, so to my ear it sounded like a production issue rather than a case where you had intentionally changed the timbre of your voice or your tempo.

        As I said before, I have plenty of respect for your talent as a performer, so please don’t take any of my criticism as directed at you personally.


        1. HannahSlamma

          Hi there JTass,
          Thanks for the reply and the clarification. The opening titles of chapters and excerpts from the steps of The Guide are pitched higher and spoken more quickly to delineate them from the bulk of the narration. I don’t change the actual speed of anything and tend to speak quite slowly when narrating (even adding pauses in post where needed) so while I hear and understand your feedback I am a bit puzzled by it. Regardless, I will keep it in mind when working on Serum 42 – which I am beginning the soundscape for this weekend. Cheers!

      2. JTass


        Also, just as an aside, if I had realized that you would be reading the comments personally, I would have couched my language a bit more diplomatically as constructive criticism, rather than the brief statement of opinion that I posted. I apologize if it came across as harsh.

  2. DoesNotMatter

    Nice casual Highlander reference. 🙂