Cursed Recollections Chapter 3 sketch videos are live.

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For the first time on this site, we have videos that show the process of two illustrations for the upcoming chapter. With Caty Purry by her side, Courtney reads the book.

If you have an opinion, please leave your feedback. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by BSA: and

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  1. JTass

    Does anybody remember the PBS kids show “Cover to Cover” where the host would read an excerpt from a book while illustrating the scene he was narrating? (link:
    That’s what these videos make me think of…

  2. John P

    Incredible work. BSA’s the best illustrator on the site.

    1. BSArtist

      Hey thank you so much! Finally finding the right style and method for this! Happy to see that people is starting to like my work!