Dragon’s Blood Ch. 2 Sketches (spoiler warning)

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Here are the sketches for Dragon’s Blood Chapter 2. Things are heating up in Remnic’s small village.

If you have an opinion, please leave your feedback. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by Mitzz: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mitzz/profile

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  1. Rawls

    Okay, thanks to everyone for the comments. Mitzz and I talked it over and he came up with a revised sketch for the dragon cock. I feel it’s important that the cock still look dragonish and a little scary, but we toned it waaaay down. You can see the new sketch in this post’s gallery.

    I also amended the text for chapter two in two paragraphs. First, here’s how it now reads at the opening:
    “More changes greeted me as I pulled on my new cock in the dark hours of the morning. The hideous knobs receded until they were no more than vibrating bumps around the head. The color of my afflicted appendage turned a reddish, lustful hue. And the stuff that shot out of me in jets with my last climax turned the color of blue flame. ”

    And then later with the sorceress:
    “Well, you weren’t lying about the problem, Missus Sophie.” Yezzeh frowned at the reptilian organ that hung obscenely from between my legs. “And if you notice, the testicles have fallen. That means he’s in season, or there’s a female dragon about. When a dragon hangs low like that, and he’s a vital creature, the female dragons flock to him. Hmmmmm.” She rubbed her chin. “And these bumps here.” She pointed to the protuberances around the head. “When the dragon is ready for a dragoness the spikes recede as an invitation and turn into these rounded knots that vibrate during copulation. Very stimulating to the dragoness, I would think.” She croaked a laugh and then turned somber. “The progression is farther than I hoped. This could be trickier than I thought.”

  2. John P

    Rawly, I love the story — a gorgeous, horny mom, bewildered by her growing attraction as the dragonmind works on her, with the promise of more to come with the elf maiden, the sister, etc.

    My objection is to the scaly, knobby cock… doesn’t sound at all pleasurable for his mother, and it doesn’t seem like he’d get any feeling from it, either. When I read about the knobby cock all I can think about is petting an alligator. Doesn’t sound like fun for either the person doing the petting or the alligator.

  3. Jerkera Mala

    Yeah a big no to spikes but then again maybe an event happens to lessen some aspects and enhance others.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the suggestion. I may alter chapter 2 a little to turn the spikes more into rounded knobs when he undergoes his latest change at the beginning of the chapter. I’m thinking it over and discussing with Mitzz. See, your comments really do change the direction of things 🙂

  4. TBizEsq

    I really like the story. Getting caught up on whether a dragon Dick is scaled or not seems silly when we’re talking about a kid getting a dragons Dick. But, there’s lots of animal Dick’s that have different shapes out in the wild. Maybe have a description of his first encounter include a sensation of pliability? Idk.

    The story is fun and the art is great.

  5. Rawls

    Thanks for the feedback. If this story isn’t working for people, I’ll hold a vote in a few chapters. We can always wrap it up and apply Mitzz’s talents to another story. Keep up the feedback. It’s very helpful.

  6. Damon_972

    I don’t really like the green scally dick… but the worst is the spiky head, i’m pretty sure if a girl tried something like that, she’d end up at the hospital.

  7. bostant

    I am not sure about penis with scales. I’d prefer if it was just bigger human version