How do you find out about updates on the site?

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I’m interested to know how you find out about site updates. Please vote so that I can make sure everyone is in the loop when new stories release. Thanks!

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How do you hear about site updates?
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  1. Lobria

    I don’t know why but it doesn’t always show up on my emails for some reason or doesn’t alert me. So I just check in here. It’s a lot easier.

  2. ThomasEGB

    I get emails, but sometimes I’ll check at some point in the day and I’ll see something new is up before I get an email notification.

  3. greatwhiteape

    Periodically as in every morning before the coffee is ready.

  4. Evil Modder

    I get notifications on Discord, then by email. I’m almost always on both so it depends how busy I am as to which I click on.