List of illustrated stories on the way.

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I thought you all might like to see what’s heading down the illustrated story pipe right now. Here is a list of everything that has moved to the artist-is-illustrating phase of the project.

  1. Enki’s Puzzle with TenderMinDD (repeating once a month)

  2. Noises in the Basement with Lexx228 (repeating once a month)

  3. Dragon’s Blood with Mitzz (repeating once every couple months)

  4. The Haunting of Palmer Mansion with JDseal (repeating once a month)

  5. The Pleistocene Ring Chapter 2 with Disarten (in a few months)

  6. The Stone Appreciates You with ProtoZero (next month)

  7. Nosferatu Next Door with Boule (this month)

  8. Zapped! with Mslava (in a couple months)

  9. Never Insult a Repecki with Diego J. (next month)

  10. Faaris Bakir’s Summer Off with Redoxa (this month)

  11. The Sex Talk with NGTVisualStudio (starts next couple months)

  12. Princess Na’Seen with  Dee Aquifolium (chapter 3 in the next couple months)

I’ve got several more in the works but not ready for an announcement. All expected release dates are approximated based on the illustrator’s schedule and may change.

I’ll keep you posted.




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