Illustrating update 12/24/22

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Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, BSA caught COVID, and it has really hampered his ability to work. He’s still resting up and trying to get well. As such, Marooned Christmas will not be ready in time for Christmas this year. We will get you the story when he’s better. In the meantime, Nefarious Elves released today, and Redoxa and I are on schedule for the New Year’s story, Will You Accept the Seed? So, we do have two seasonal stories for you. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Acclord

    Hi Rawls,
    Totally out of context… I love your stories and I know that you should focus on generating new content … I must confess that the story I like the most is the Palmer Mansion … and I leave you with this thought… why not finish the illustrated version of the THOPM… we stopped at chapter 15 … we still have some to go…

    1. Rawls

      I would love to continue the illustrations for that one, but it’s very difficult to find illustrators for my long novels. I’m working on it. We’ll see what happens …

  2. DM1485

    I think i speak for everyone when i say: “it’s alright”. People get sick, shit happens. What’s important is that health comes before deadlines. Better late, than never.