Looking for a new proofreader.

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I’m looking for a new proofreader.

Kuudere has been one of my two intrepid proofreaders for a couple years. He’s been great, but he no longer has the time for it. I like having two proofreaders (I find that between the three of us, we catch different typos). So, I’m making the call for a new proofreader.

The turnaround: with stories for my site, you should get a chapter via Discord on Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll have until Friday morning to return the edited version using track changes in Word. For the stories for the illustrated site, you’ll usually have five days to return the chapter to me. All that I ask is that if you commit to it, you don’t miss the deadlines without letting me know ahead of time.

It’s not a paid position. The benefits are early access to my stories, and you get to share your thoughts with me before things get published.

If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you a test chapter to see how you do at catching those pesky typos.

If all goes well with the test chapter, you’re in.

Thank you for your interest! Here’s my email: rawls@rawlyrawls.com

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