Marooned Christmas Ch. 1 to 2

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A mother and son are snowed in for Christmas. A RawlyRawls spin on a well-worn concept 😉

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Illustrations by BSA: and

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  1. bman

    If there is a next chapter, hope we don’t have to wait for it another 4 month. It looks promising.

  2. Dankane

    Great series. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. SleazySteez

    The (illustrated) face of the mom changed from chapter 1. I liked that first chapter’s mom better, she seemed younger and prettier.

    Narrative and plot is still great Rawls, can’t wait for the next installments!

    1. Rawls

      Yes, BSA wanted to try a different approach with the mom in Chapter 2. Thank you for your feedback!

    2. Lobria

      I agree 100 percent I thought she looked way better in the other story. she looks to old in the next chapter. I like them looking younger It works better when they look younger.

      1. Rawls

        I appreciate all the feedback. For the next chapter, we’re going back to the original look for the mom.

  4. Lobria

    That was great I agree with everyone want more. We’ll done

  5. crazydorian

    Nice to see a Rawly take on this concept! Things pushed through a bit quicker than many Rawly tales, but it seemed like that was to move things along quickly. Enjoyable as a one-shot, or something to return to on a future Christmas 🙂

  6. Osiris908

    Forgot about the tease at the end for another chapter. Hoping it releases today. This is my fav RR short story ever. Perfect amount of reluctance and hesitation and mild disgust from the mother.

  7. elekhi

    Well-worn concept, great spin! Well written and beautiful illustrations. Please give us more!

  8. Patcouples

    I agree with all other comments here -please continue with more chapters asap!!

  9. DoesNotMatter

    Are there going to be additional chapters in this story, illustrated or not? Speaking for myself, would love this to continue

  10. Thickdick

    Please let the next chapter come out tomorrow…

  11. Thomas_windsor

    And wait, are we actually going to have to wait a year?! 😭

  12. Thomas_windsor

    Damn! That image of mom baring her breasts. Defs confirms my love for BSA’s illustrations