Murder at Palmer Lodge Ch. 1 to 8

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A brother and sister are accidentally pulled into a magical murder mystery board game. Inside, they must solve the puzzles of the cryptic Palmer Lodge. The game starts on Christmas Eve in 1938 as a company of unexpected relations are brought to an isolated island. Each person has a motive for the resulting slaughter. But only one commits murder at Palmer Lodge. Can you spot the killer?

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Illustrations by Laimov:

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  1. Nemo2246

    Real guest rooms wouldn’t have those layouts. The bathrooms would back up on each other, so as to save the extra costs of plumbing. But, hey, it’s your universe…

    1. Laimov

      We will consider that in the future projects. Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

    2. Jimmy

      Agree 100%, immersion ruined!

      The clear solution would be retaining contractor approval on all future works!

  2. UsualOak

    I think the PDF file is bad. When I try opening the file it will start loading then the app crashes and quits. I’ve tried re-downloading it but I get the same issue every time

    1. Rawls

      Hello, I just checked all four files for this story and they all look good. Also, I haven’t received any other complaints with hundreds of downloads. I would try it in a different browser. If you have a VPN, I recommend pausing it to see if that helps. Good luck!

  3. Roan9999

    Loving the story progression so far.

  4. A_wizard_did_it

    Loving this art! And Beatrice’s abs!! I’m curious to see how the rest of his family will show up….