The Missus Ring Ch. 1

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Beware of mysterious shops curated by strange men wearing wizard hats. If you find a ring in such a place, don’t let your mother put it on.

If you have an opinion, please leave your feedback on the latest chapter below. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by Lexx228:

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  1. Cart93

    I think there is a little uncanny valley on the mom. The chin is a little too pointy and I think the face might be slightly large for the head.

  2. PuyBo

    When you reboot, do you at least keep the other works archived for us?

    1. Rawls

      I don’t usually keep the discontinued version of the rebooted stories on the site. I remove them to avoid confusion and clutter. The exceptions are JDseal’s versions of Betty and Palmer Mansion. If you ask for a particular discontinued story on my Discord server, I’ll be happy to post it there for you.

  3. Holyx

    It looks like another home run for Lexx. Great first chapter illustration.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, the illustrator couldn’t continue past chapter 1, so this is a reboot.

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