Never Insult a Repecki Chapter 2 illustrated is live.

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You can find the chapter here. It’s not easy blending in on a new starship when you’re a seven-foot-tall blue alien. If the men won’t give Ummul a chance, perhaps the women will?

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  1. ChromeDragon

    Great art, boy does the size difference come through in the artwork.
    The art once again is top notch and I am finding I like this artists Nick Eronic’s work a lot.

    As for the writing;
    The romantic attempt between husband and wife at the end where she asks James to be nice to Ummul is a breaking point for me. These are not good people so hard for me to feel sorry for them and yet I am just left feeling unhappy with Amelia.
    At least she fakes orgasms for him and doesn’t completely ignore him but if it’s to smooth things out for Ummul or if she even cares for her husband anymore is in question.