New poll for short story ideas. 6/25/21: Poll Closed

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Your suggestion poll is here.  I didn’t include the longer suggestions, or the suggestions that I wouldn’t be able to write well.

Vote for up to three options. The top option will become a short story. Poll ends on the 31st. 

Remember, every member of this site can vote. Make your voice heard!

Poll Closed: The winner is The housewives of chapter 11 of the dark stone.



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  1. Holyx

    I hoped the spin off story for the Darkstone wives is more in the range of the sex talk or Serum 42XXl in terms of length rather than the one off short chapters.

    1. Rawls

      Sorry, I don’t have time to take on another larger project now. Whatever wins will be a one-time short.

  2. Simon S.

    I’m down to my top 6 and I cant decide!

  3. JohnJohnson

    There are so many good stories here, it was hard to pick only three. Good job guys.

  4. King Kells

    Rawls you never cease to amaze me, hands down best 12 bucks I’ve spent each month.