New Poll: Should I Reboot Betty is a Pushover? EDIT: POLL CLOSED

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JDseal and I planned to reboot Betty is a Pushover at one point. But he’s busy working on his own projects now, so I asked and received his permission to reboot the story under a new title (TBD). There is a couple written chapters that were never illustrated, so it would be nice to get those done, too. The poll for today, would you like me to reboot Betty with a new artist starting at Chapter 1? Poll ends on June 21. 


Poll Closed

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  1. ChromeDragon

    So very happy for this !

    Fell in love with Betty.

  2. James

    I’d prefer something in the water to be illustrated. It has a very nice story that develops overtime. Just like enkis puzzle

  3. DM1485

    It WOULD be nice to have more story.. You’d hafta pick a REALLY good artist though. JDseal is a hard act to follow. Also, are you guys still working together on anything?

    1. Rawls

      I agree. I’ll be very careful about this project. JDseal is amazing.

      I would love to work with JDseal some more, but he’s very busy. He’s still illustrated The Guide which I wrote, so there’s that. Also, he plans to illustrate more of THoPM. If he has time to illustrate one of my shorts in the future, I would jump at the chance.

  4. hambone2030

    If you do a full reboot from chapter 1, it would be nice if the character appearance remained somewhat consistent between versions. Of course, the new material would be in the artists style. I hope the new artist would be willing to inherit existing character design.

  5. doorknob22

    I love your stories where the son is a dominant asshole like The Sex Talk and this one. Please give us more assholes in the future!

  6. Holyx

    Are you planning to turn Betty reboot more into a short novel like the sex talk? If yes, than I think a reboot would be good. If it just another short illustration story than it better to move on.

    1. Rawls

      It’s very demanding for artists to do the more comic style pages. Lots more illustrations. So, no, my plan would be for this to be in the format of most of my collaborations.

  7. ChromeDragon

    I love Betty she is so nice and sweet !

  8. 81vol

    Would rather see Wish Granted and Curse of the Shadow continued

    1. Rawls

      There is plans to continue Wish Granted, but the artist wanted to work on Zapped! first. And he has a lot going on.

      If there are more chapters written of Curse of the Shadow, that might become a possibility.

  9. Kilrathie56

    Love JD as an artist so would have been nice to see him finish Betty, however a new artist with a different style would be interesting to see.

  10. Schunn99

    More pregnancies, and mom and son breeding from mom that just can’t say no. Yes please!