New Poll. What is your favorite story?

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When creating new stories, I look to see what people are interested in on the site. Pick your three favorite stories based only on the text. You can ignore the illustrated versions for this poll.

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  1. Vindex

    3 votes are too little 😛
    My whole list (random except for 1st):
    Mothership Wilderness [top of the fricking tops! for me at least]
    Zapped! and Other Short Stories [they deserve some loving]
    Betty is a Pushover [Betty need sequel or something, seriously]
    Noises Through the Wall
    Serum 42 XXL
    The Dark Stone
    The Sex Talk [better than good idea for a story]
    The Haunting of Palmer Mansion

    That pregnant woman picture, should we expect something hihi ^^

  2. Czoftw

    How is Wicked Tower not higher on the list? That’s one I’d love to see illustrated.

    1. Rawls

      TWT was a bit polarizing! Some people loved it, others … not so much. I do plan on having it illustrated at some point.

  3. Simon S.

    I didn’t pick Zapped because they are just shorts but there are most of my favourites. It was hard to pick 3. THoPM is good but there is a lot of reality shifting that makes it harder to follow so it didn’t make it. Enki’s Puzzle has the best concept and some of the most realistic characters but some pacing issues. I love the multiple perspectives of Water but a futanari robot wasn’t for me. A while back you mentioned a story idea with a Cthulhu like cult that needed sin for powering rituals. I feel like Water is as close as we will get to that idea. Dragon’s Blood is good but still short.

    Eventually The Dark Stone, Mothership Wilderness and Serum were my finals.

  4. Old-school Perv

    Palmer Mansion was my top for a long time until Puzzle started. Can’t wait until Nick starts fucking them and what might happen when the time loop ends.

    Water got my other vote over Dark Stone. They are both great, but Water had the advantage of having more than one male protagonist. Though Lakshmi and Bex are two of my favorite female characters.

    Keep churning out the well written smut.

  5. Berniscurs

    Enki puzle the best, I like that it is a more realistic story where a supernatural power does not intervene in the relationship between the protagonists, beyond repeating the days

  6. rtr9209

    Every story on this site is great and choosing just three was very difficult. However, for me it came down to…

    1) The Dark Stone
    2) Palmer Mansion
    3) Mothership Wilderness

  7. Jochad

    Wish you had put The Pleistocene Ring as a choice. Interesting concept that would be nice if it was fleshed out. I like it when characters care about those around them especially when they’re developing a relationship.

    1. Rawls

      Chapters for that one are only about 1,000 words long. I left all the shorter stories as part of Zapped! and Other Short Stories. I hope there will be more chapters of TPR, but that’s up to Disarten’s busy schedule. We’ll see.

  8. hambone2030

    It’s tough to judge works in progress against completed stories. I was surprised The Sex Talk didn’t get more votes. Definitely one of my favorites. Loved the ending.

  9. Holyx

    I hope the next main story has a more limited focus and the character relationship/interaction are place in foreground.

    1. Rawls

      That is the plan. I learned my lesson from The Wicked Tower.

  10. BAS

    Hard to limit it to just three. Palmer Mansion and Something in the Water are both up there, in addition to the three I selected.

  11. plcwiz

    The Zapped and Short Stories got the short straw. It has many good stories that stand out on their own. The Missus Stone has the potential of expanding to a series. A Stone in Spring is a good natured one on inequality. Revenge of the Stone is a great one on giving back justice due. As you can see I’m partial to the dark stone stories. I’d love to have a dark stone merch from Rawly Rawls!!

    1. Rawls

      haha, I don’t think there will be merchandizing, but you never know.

  12. bostant

    All your stories are great from a prose perspective. It is about choosing which stands out. I prefer stories with characters out of normal. Strong lead characters with goals even if they are questionable from morality perspective. Mature females that can be daring and not question themselves every second etc…

    1. Haunting : Beautiful story, great characters. I admired the female ghost character. Very strong, she knows what to do and how to do. Male lead developed as the story progress and took charge with the help of her. Evolution of their relationship and ending was fantastic.
    2. There is something in the water : Great story again. In this one my favorite was the bad guy who last at the end ( with deux-ex machina but that is fine) but fought until the end for his goal. It brought some unique sexual situations which long you stopped using.
    3. Mothership : Beautiful story. Again male character adancing with the help of the strong dedicated female. They know what they want no matter the cost. No morality constraints because this is a story after all not real life.

  13. ChromeDragon

    This was a very tough poll.
    I wanted to vote for more then three choices but I understand the need to keep it to three. Also it made me realize that I need to read some of the other long stories I have been wanting too because I know I would like them too. Some stories I wanted to vote for just because I would love to see more like them. Ultimately I voted for ones that struck my Nostalgia, were more then mere incest erotica but had more going on in them and finally one that simply was a feel good story that is always nice to visit.

    I can only hope some people vote for the ones I wish I could have.

  14. triplethreat7

    Palmer Mansion is a very close 4th.