Noises Ch. 1 to 10

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A mother hears her eighteen-year-old son with his girlfriend. She wants the same thing. Illustrations by Lexx228:

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  1. Omega334

    So far, Noises is my favourite story on this page. Thank you very much! I like the plot, the text, the characters and the wonderful illustrations.
    My only wish for future stories: make them more diverse, especially the illustrations of female bodies! I personally don’t like the exaggeratedly big breasts that are dominant on this page and I am not so fond of incest stories. So two reasons I like this story are the pictures of Gwen with her smaller breasts and the mentioning of lesbian affairs. More of that, please!

  2. Lance

    The story was mild and exciting, lots of coupling, nice ending as there was no deception and no one was caught by higher moral authorities. A mother relived her teenage life in a more fulfilling way with her son and his girlfriend which in turn awakened her inner sexuality, the baby is the unknown answer.

  3. fireman399a

    Need to add more blackmail and forcing.

  4. cmj15301

    This is not my favorite story, but it is pretty hot. 🙂 The art work in this is so realistic, I felt like I was in the story, so that made it even hotter for me.

  5. bman

    Finally, a story without any magic stones or spells in it.

    1. Rawls

      There’s a few on the site. Anything for Robby/Betty is a Pushover, The Jealous Girlfriend, The Sex Talk/The Talk, and Faaris Bakir’s Summer Off all have no magic of any kind.

  6. Anteater

    I love the last chapter. On 1 hand, I want this story to continue but on the other hand I am satisfied with how you wrapped it up in spite of myself. This story is amazing and I would not change a thing.

  7. Holyx

    I hoped the illustration for TSTW and TWT begins soon since those stories are completed.

  8. Anteater

    Chapter 9…amazing, the threesome in the limo definitely looked hot. I have nothing left to say.

  9. Holyx

    Is the final chapter of Noise through the wall coming in August?

  10. Holyx

    I hope that the illustrator that does Noise through the wall works on There something in the water for next illustration. I think the modern 3d art style works very well with TSIW 1950’s time frame and aesthetic. Also the illustrator that the works on Faaris Bakir would be a good match as well.

    1. Rawls

      That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ve already committed Something in the Water to an artist. But maybe I’ll write a different 1950s story to work on with Lexx228 after Noises.

      1. Holyx

        How about Lexx228 illustrate Mothership wilderness? JMW is another futurist style story that would bode well with a 3d art style. I would also like to make a suggestion TWT be illustrated by the person that currently illustrating Enki puzzle.

  11. 7Myxzptlk

    Chapter 8 was PHENOMENAL! Hoping for pregnant 3 way some day.

  12. Anteater

    Chapter 8 did not miss a beat. Perfect.

  13. ChromeDragon

    The art work is different then many of the stories but I don’t mind it at all. It makes the story more unique since it has it’s own art style. Also I like it since it is the mother that is the protagonist ? Initiator ? It certainly makes the story different and I really liked that. More of these if possible it’s nice to know women can be the ones thinking such thoughts.

  14. Anteater

    Chapter 7 is as great as the others, I wonder what the video will be. When ever I read something like this but stop because the chapters have not come out, my mind starts creating possible scenarios.

    This is just an idea but it can go with any story as far as I know, the concept of it at least. Let us say Gwen finds that Lily has put herself on birth control and when her husband is home, she (Gwen) sneaks in and replaces the pills with placeboes. I dunno, it was just an idea that occurred to me. I wonder if that placebo replacement concept could work in other stories?

  15. thetemprofile

    I support JDseal on subscribestar and she said that Noises would keep being posted there, is that not the case anymore?

    1. randomuser1223

      It could just be a difference in update schedules or an agreement that rawls could upload for a period of time before JD does.

    2. Rawls

      It was my announcement about the split that said that Enki and Noises would be available on JDseal’s site after the split. I asked him about it later and he said that he’s decided not to update them on the site. He doesn’t want confusion, so it’ll be only his illustrations on his site.

      1. Rawls

        I just confirmed it with him. He wants only his work on his site to avoid confusion.

          1. Rawls

            JDseal is still working on it and it will be posted here when each chapter is done. The Guide is the only one that is exclusive to his site.