Nosferatu Next Door character sketches are live.

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MrPengui will take over the reboot of Nosferatu. Here are the character sketches.

If you have an opinion, please leave your feedback. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by MrPengui:

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  1. greatwhiteape

    These look great, cant wait to see the full detail chapters!

  2. Pecco3x

    Question…it’s gonna start at chapter 4 or at the beginning?

    1. Rawls

      We’ll restart it from the beginning, since it isn’t picking up the same style of art as before.

  3. Pecco3x

    Fantastic sketches, can’t wait

  4. Anteater

    Andy Fearn is described as “frail” by Cassie, but he does not look like it. His new design just does not fit the description; I am sorry to say that I do not see “frail” when I look at it. In fact, the only human male design that resembles “frail” is Tyler. This is not to say Andy looks to be fit and in shape or anything, but “frail” is not what I would use to describe him.

  5. Acclord

    Looking forward to read this story, and hoping as suggested on the previous version that it will have some impregnation involved just like in the move where Dracula is looking to find wives to breed

  6. divemaster99

    Great artwork… looking forward to this spicy story’s reboot.