Nosferatu Next Door Ch. 1 to 4

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A vampire moves his castle into a suburban neighborhood. Will any wife be safe from the dreaded Alucard?

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  1. SleazySteez

    How is EsotericBunny doing? Any updates coming for this one?

  2. BWayMarshall

    Just binged all 4 chapters. Hoping this project continues. Great start

    1. Rawls

      This project will continue, just waiting on the illustrator for the next chapter.

  3. greatwhiteape

    Any updates on this one? I’ts been a while and it’s so good.

    1. Rawls

      I love this story, too. EsotericBunny is having some personal issues that have slowed her progress. Hopefully, we’ll get back up to speed sometime soon, but it may be slow going for a while yet. We’re both still committed to this one in the long run.

  4. Anteater

    Yeah, I think it’s best if I wait for the illustrated version.

  5. SleazySteez

    This story is hot, straight to the point, and got me wanting more! Any reason the characters (except Alucard) lack a lot of physical description? I like the detail you put into the girls in your other stories and it really helps me to visualize the situations they get into ?
    Excited to read more of this!

    1. Rawls

      I often put in minimal character description for stories written to be illustrated. Since most people will be reading them with the images of the characters right there.

  6. Kapes

    Really enjoying this story so far, can’t wait for more!

  7. LIQS

    Amazing more vampire story’s !!! this is so good 🙂

  8. alldragon

    It seems to me an excellent story that you begin to develop here. And if you allow me I present some ideas that maybe you like.
    1- Alucard plans to take possession of Stephanie for which he manages to send Brad, Tyler and Andy on a fishing trip, a weekend of fishing from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. With Cassie’s help she gets Stephanie and Isabella to come to dinner on Friday night, things don’t go as planned and because of Isabella’s curiosity she discovers things she shouldn’t, plans change, Cassie and Alucard invite Stephanie and Isabella to stay the weekend at the castle, on Saturday night while Cassie drugs her friend to sleep until dawn Alucard takes possession of Isabella to force her to keep the secret she discovered..
    2 – During the next few weeks Isabella visits the castle and enjoys sex with Alucard and Cassie, they ask her to help seduce her own mother but she refuses, instead she decides to betray her best and the mother of her best and hand them over to Alucard does promise not to lay a finger on his mother and allow him to grab one, on the other hand Stephanie is suspicious of her daughter’s behavior while Tyler finds out what’s going on in the castle.
    3- Isabella keeps what she promised and betrays her best friend and her best friend’s mother to give them to Alucard, but to avoid further suspicion Isabella is prohibited from visiting the castle for several weeks, the idea that her friend, the mother of her friend and Cassie enjoy the pleasure that she desires questions her loyalty to her mother and begins to think about how to get rid of her annoying brother while she doubts whether to give her mother to Alucard…
    4- Flashback of Alucard and some of his conquests (something like the shadow curse diary)…
    5 – Isabella and Stephanie along with their brother and father attend a dinner at the castle, Alucard’s 3 wives begin to torment Isabella by whispering in her ear during several moments of the night the details of her sex with Alucard in those weeks that she I do not participate. Tormented for the next few days by the images in her mind of Alucard and the other women having sex, she makes the 2 most radical decisions… she has to get rid of her brother and also hand over her mother to Mr. Alucard. ..
    6-Isabella finds the presence of her brother too annoying for her plans and during a visit to the castle Isabella discovers the transformation in women and wishes to be transformed. After talking about her situation a plan is hatched… The women plan an accident for Tyler… TYLER MUST DISAPPEAR… and then Isabella will betray her mother…
    7- During the next days everything happens, Tyler suffers an accident and loses his life, Stephanie is devastated, Isabella is invited to spend the nights in the castle so as not to have to remember Tyler in the house, the Invitation is extended to Stephanie but She can’t until 3 days from now when the funeral is over, all legal matters are in order and her husband goes on tour…
    8- During the next few days Isabella enjoys her stay in the castle, but she is still not transformed… 3 days later Stephanie arrives at the castle. Isabella is transformed that night and the next night Isabella betrays her mother leaving her at the mercy of her new master… Stephanie never imagined what she would see last night, much less that her daughter pushed her to betray her father, Stephanie’s world He just changed tremendously and after a few hours he never wanted to go back to his old boring life…

    1. Rawls

      Hello! I appreciate the thought and enthusiasm, but I have the story mapped out.

  9. Acclord

    Loved it… Can’t wait to read number 4