Old recurring payments cancelled.

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You may have received a notice from PayPal or your credit card company that your old membership recurring payment was cancelled. This was due to the switch in membership software. All those old subscriptions had to be cancelled to put in the new system. If you have PayPal, please don’t start up the subscription on the PayPal end. It won’t connect to your membership. It has to started in your membership dashboard. I’m ironing out some kinks, and I’ll update everyone on the best way to do that in a few days. There’s no rush. Everyone has a membership until April 20th. When the system is ready for new payments, I’ll let everyone know. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories. Mothership is on track for next Friday.

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    1. Rawls

      If you go to the MEMBERSHIP tab on the top right, you’ll find a list of “actions”. You can cancel there. Your membership will stay active until the end of the current period. If you don’t see it on mobile, you may need to cancel on a desktop.

  1. BudroThePious

    Thanks for the info, I was a bit concerned when I got the e-mail from PayPal.