Palmer Mansion Ch. 1.1 to 3.1

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The Andersons move into an old Victorian mansion with a plan to restore it to its former glory. One by one, the family falls to the power of the mansion as nightmares that lurk behind every corner seek to erode the family’s innocence.

Illustrations by TenderMinDD:

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  1. Lobria

    Damn man your art style is through the roof. Good job. Also you have greatly improved the faces. Thank you for that. Also when you finally get to the chapters of them having sex please copy Jd a bit in those panels. Like the position and most importantly the ahegao faces.

  2. Mammatus28

    This series needs to come faster

  3. Thomas_windsor

    Great story, and great illustrations! This was the second story of yours i ever read, first being “Something in the Water” and im glad it is getting such a great artist to showcase the beauty!

  4. Osiris908

    Love it! Tender has improved at illustrating mature women. I still think they look too young and could pass for 25 but it’s gotten better. Here’s a gripe not just for Tender but for most artists: pregnant and postnatal women have darker nipples/areola’s. I think it looks sexy (am I weird? Yes!) but it’s almost never drawn correctly.

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback! That is a good point about pregnant and postnatal breasts.

    2. rainberry

      Trust Me… Finding THAT sexy is common, not weird.

  5. Dread

    Please work faster on these one of my fav out of your collection

    1. Rawls

      The artist is working very quickly and consistently on these. It’s about a month turn around for each chapter, which is great!

  6. cmj15301

    Sorry, took me a minute to figure out you ate subdividing chapters?

    1. Rawls

      Yes, TenderMindd wanted to do about ten or eleven illustrations at a time, so we cut the chapters in half. This story wasn’t written with illustrations in mind.

  7. cmj15301

    I must have missed something. Is this haunting of Palmer a different story? Chapter 2 is definitely different between the two versions?

  8. Xumeey

    When will the mom look like an actual mother?

  9. Osiris908

    Illustrations are beautiful as always by tender. But I will continue to write and post this until something changes (it’s all I can do). Julie looks 20 years old and there is absolutely no difference besides cup size In appearance with the daughter. JDS was and is so great bc in his illustrations the mothers look like mothers, not a 20 year old girl called a “mother”. After rereading the OG story with JDS art, the first chapter images of Julie holding/pumping Daniel’s cock are so much hotter and way better than this new version. Doing a repeat story like this is going to inevitably draw comparisons so I don’t feel bad saying this. The first chapter is slow in terms of Julie but at least in the OG we had those few hot images unlike this new one with a floating hand grazing his cock. I’m obv not the only one with this complaint and, like others, I voiced it during Enki and absolutely nothing has changed. I get it, you took a shot and went with Tender for Enki. Many people had the same issue with Enki: the guy can’t draw older women (mothers). This is kind of a problem considering that is the reason we’re all here (and your terrific writing of course). Not sure why you would continue to forge ahead with Tender after it’s been established he doesn’t know how to draw milfs.

    1. Rawls

      TenderMindd is one of the most popular illustrators on my site. Check out the past illustrator polls. I agree that there is room for improvement on drawing mature women. That aspect will continue to improve.

    2. Old-school Perv

      JDS also draws EVERY single woman with zeppelins on their chest regardless of the written description. It’s kind of immersion breaking when a character is described as having smallish breasts with a trim figure and in the illustration she’s sporting double Zs with a curvy mom bod.

      There needs to be room for the transformation and they all seem to start at the end body state.

      And then there’s the penis. Just once I wish either of them read the description. 9 out of 10 in these stories it’s 13 inches long and too thick for the women’s forefinger to touch her thumb. Tender’s just look like decently hung guys, meanwhile JDS draws them at like 18″ and too slender.

      I’m here (and aren’t we all) for the freaks dicking down their family members with absurd penises. I really wish Owusyr or SatanicFruitcake could take on more projects. I think both have a great style and draw the characters with fat more accuracy from the text. Owusyr in particular makes the moms look like moms. JDS draws huge tits on model bodies. Not an ounce of fat except for the aforementioned zeppelins and absolute dump trucks on the rear. Meanwhile Tender (as you said) has everyone looking the same age.

      It’s not that I don’t like them. I just prefer it when illustrations match the source material more closely. If they’re going to veer off course so severely, I like it when they do adaptations like Pegasus.

      Just my two cents.

      1. Osiris908

        Yeah I used to get hung up on source material not matching the art but I just don’t care that much about it. I, for one, appreciate the outsized proportions in my porn comics. I want (very) large breasts and big dicks. It just looks so much better, IMO. I know it’s obv not realistic but I’m not here for images representative of real women, I see enough of that everyday. Big cocks are just better in porn, no doubt about it. The comically gargantuan cocks like in many of RR’s stories are awesome – please don’t change this! Tender not being able to draw a woman older than 20? Now that should change.

  10. mmhaven

    Julie, the mother, still looks like she’s in the low twenties. Heck, even Penelope, her DIL looks older than her. The story is great, but the realistic age representation in the illustrations remains ‘off’

  11. Teuscpau

    is there any plans of continuing this reboot? seems interesting enough

    1. Rawls

      Yes, new parts come about once a month. Should publish chapter 1 part 2 tomorrow.

  12. richard

    The Haunting of Palmer Mansion is assuredly one of your best. I was hoping you would have changed this one up some or will change it up to were its a complete different story. Either way was good so far.

  13. Osiris908

    Uggh so short. Must be half of the original illustrated version and I gotta say once again, as I said with Enki…the mother and daughter look the same (face). Same eye color, same mole placement and looks like same earrings etc. Great artist and illustrations and I’m not trying to criticize but please try to make the mother look like, ya know, a mother.

  14. Kenneth Winchester

    Hi Rawls,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I love the fact that this story is getting rebooted. I also love TenderMinD’s art.

    The only issue I have with the chapter is that the faces of Eloise and the mother character need to look their age. I had the same issue with Enki’s puzzle. I found it a bit difficult to differentiate between the mother and the sister.

    Especially since in later chapters, even the “younger” women are going to “develop” bigger breasts. There would be no difference between the MILF characters and the other characters.

    The reason why we are connoisseurs of your stories, is because of the MILF fetish. Would love it if TenderMinD could make the corrections in the coming chapters.


    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the feedback and support! This is something we are aware of. It has more to do with TenderMindd’s style than anything else. His approach will continue to evolve.

  15. Tony Strokes

    Excellent! I’ve been waiting for this reboot, not that I didn’t like the old one. Character designs look amazing.

  16. Chaeron

    One chapter in and already I know this is going to be awesome!

  17. 7Myxzptlk

    TenderMindD art is the perfect choice for this reboot.

  18. Lobria

    Very well done. That front face of Eloise awesome. I love jds faces but that one made more sense. Also from the person who said they don’t loom like there age. True and you can make them look there age. I wouldn’t mind someone try it. Though I think Redoxa did good with that in mothership. Something in the water I think was more of an issue. But wouldn’t mind someone else taking a Crack at it. I like this a lot. Its easier to read and the art is stellar. Keep it up you two.

  19. mmhaven

    From an illustration perspective: A middle-aged woman could be drawn as a middle-aged woman instead of the low-twenties that can almost be 1:1 exchanged with her daughter. That was the main draw-back of Enki’s Puzzle as well.

  20. crazydorian

    Great job, TenderminDD! Julie and Eloise in particular are looking fantastic 🙂

  21. ScrantonBranch

    Thank you for this. Just making it available for iPhone users again will bring more toward your cause .

  22. skeleton131

    Aye noice, please do the whole series. JDseal never finished it (stopped at Chapter 15)

    1. Rawls

      That is the plan. Tendermindd is very reliable. He finished Enki after all. 🙂

      1. Scrumpy

        What happened with JDSeal? His artwork has been my favorite for your stories

        1. Rawls

          He wants to focus on his own stories. We’re still collaborating on smaller projects.

  23. DM1485

    Ok, this artist rocks. I can totally get behind this. Hopefully, this one sticks around for the whole thing. I’m starting to think this story is as cursed as the damned mansion.

    1. Foxblack

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This time it has to be a success. The artwork is truly wonderful.

      1. DM1485

        I certainly hope so…about the success, i mean. The artwork was wonderful the first time around, and we all know how that ended.

  24. Thickdick

    Damn, can’t wait for the Brittney scenes later on… Tendermindd really knows how to draw an alluring sister 😉

  25. Thomas_windsor

    Okay nice! I was like “what story is this?” But its the OG. Really good story! So happy its getting such a great artist working on it!!! Cant wait for more