PayPal will no longer be a payment option for the site.

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Unfortunately, PayPal is cracking down on NSFW sites. I will no longer be able to offer PayPal as a payment option. What does this mean?

  1. If you currently have a membership through Authorize’s credit card system, nothing will change for you.

  2. If you have a membership through PayPal, I will cancel your membership in the next day or two. You will still have access for the rest of your membership term until your membership expires. 

  3. At the end of your membership term, your account will expire. You will then have the option to sign up using a credit card through the Authorize system. 

Please do not contact PayPal about this. Contacting them may cause issues with the transfer. The good news is that Authorize is committed to working with NSFW sites, and I have had a good working relationship with them since I started the site. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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  1. Fred31267

    I tried reviewing my membership which expires tomorrow but can not figure out if it is through paypal or direct charge. I guess I will learn when the payment either doesn’t go through or does?

    1. Rawls

      PayPal is still operating on my site at the moment, we’re working on making the transition as seamless as possible. It looks like your membership did renew, so you won’t have to do anything until September 15 when your membership expires. Then, you’ll need to renew with the Authorize system.

  2. alldragon

    It is somewhat uncomfortable, although your decision is understood to a certain degree. Maybe you should give paypal users a 15-day free extension or 22 days while you fix what happened and update the payment options.

    1. Rawls

      All PayPal users will get the entire membership term they paid for. If your PayPal membership was set to expire on September 14, for example, you will have access to everything in your tier until September 14. All that will happen is that the next recurring payment won’t go through, and then you will have to switch over to the Authorize payment system to renew. There will be no need to extensions, everyone gets what they paid for and can switch to Authorize at any time.

  3. DM1485

    Well, this is incredibly inconvenient. I don’t like sharing my debit card information with online vendors… i typically use paypal for anything that isn’t a physical location. Paypal’s really starting to piss me off.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, it sucks. One possible solution is to use a virtual credit card from a site like Privacy or Wise. You can top up the card with a bank account, and it works just like a credit card.

      1. luckydave

        This is a great solution. has been a terrific service for me the whole time I’ve had it, and it’s recommended by the likes of Leo Laporte on his privacy-oriented podcast “Security Now!”

      2. DM1485

        Paypal used to offer a third-party “virtual card”….the problem is that the damned thing never worked anywhere, lol. Almost everywhere i tried to use the thing, it was rejected. I have a paypal business debit card, which i use for questionable, or risky purchases. The good thing about that, is that if it ends up being a trap, the thieves can only use what’s in my paypal account….they can never touch my bank. i like that level of separation for my money. I’m so wary of trusting third parties with information that could be used to access my money.

  4. Fallio

    I use PayPal as a safe and secure way to pay. As you highly recommend them and have good relationship with them, Could you provide a link to Authorize? The work you and the illustrators do is simply amazing.

    1. Rawls

      Sadly, it is not my decision. PayPal doesn’t want to work with anyone writing erotica.

      The link to Authorize is in your membership dashboard on this site. Check out Evil Modder’s comment below for instructions on accessing it.

      1. DM1485

        “Sadly, it is not my decision. PayPal doesn’t want to work with anyone writing erotica. ” Which is so incredibly goddamn bogus. Who the hell is paypal to tell us where we can and can’t spend our money? Got half a mind to stop using them altogether….they’re becoming increasingly not “worth it”.

  5. Evil Modder

    A way for people to not have to resubscribe later on is to update their membership payment method now; then, their membership will just continue. Unfortunately, the only way I can see of doing this is to upgrade or downgrade your membership; if you do that and choose Card as your new payment method, you’ll get a pro-rated credit; your new payment date will be today (or whenever you change it). Then you can just do the process again to change it back to the level you want. It won’t cost any more to do this, as the second time you do it, you’ll get another pro-rated credit.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! My webdeveloper is looking in to how best to do this. Maybe there will be an easier option.

      1. Evil Modder

        There is also an Update Payment Method Option in everyone’s control panel.

        Instructions for Members to do this:
        Login to the site
        Click Membership
        Click Update Payment Method
        Choose Card