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I have some bad news. Owusyr has decided to discontinue our collaboration. I am disappointed, but there are no hard feelings. I wish him well.

Now, I have to figure out what to do with Enchanted Scepter. This is a tough one, because Owusyr really put his stamp on this story with his unique illustrations. I’m going to put the future of this story in your hands. 

Should we retire this story now, have another artist take over starting with Chapter 6, or should we reboot it from Chapter 1 in the future? 

I have no idea who would take over for options “reboot” and “continue.” Most likely the story would sit on ice for a while until the right opportunity came along. 

Vote once. Poll expires in one week: 10/10/22.

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  1. DM1485

    Oh man… this is really unfortunate. Owusyr was really killing it with the illustrations. I’m of two minds on this one: on the one hand, I detest reboots, because you end up retreading already covered chapters, and it’s a real dice-roll as to whether or not the art is going to be as good as (or better than) what came before. So then you run the risk of not only having to retread chapters, but then the art might not be as good, so then it’s a total waste, because not even the art is worth it. And then there’s always the risk that the next artist bails too, so then you end up with multiple reboots, (like Na’Seen, Elora, Palmer Mansion, Nosferatu, etc), and none of them ever reach the end of the story.. On the other hand, changing artists mid-story has it’s drawbacks too… chief among them being: jarring visual inconsistency. Then, of course, if their art is REALLY good, then you end up with the subs requesting that the whole thing be re-done in that style.. It’s really a lousy position you’re in, right now, and i don’t envy it. Personally, what i’d do is put it on ice, find 3 artists you think would be good for it, have them do a demo sheet with a lineup of the main characters we’ve seen so far, then do a post with those illustrations, and put it to a vote. if none of them are particularly liked, maybe do a second round? (or not…might get expensive) Once an artist has been chosen, have them do illustrations for the first 6 chapters, and then drop them all at the same time. This way, we get all the chapters we’ve already read, plus one that we haven’t.

  2. 7Myxzptlk

    TendermindD is busy on Enki, but I’d love to see what he’d offer in this

  3. pervycero

    Definitely one of your best works. Would be a shame for you to end the world so soon.