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In the future, brave souls will flee to the stars to escape religious persecution. An eighteen-year-old man is accidentally dosed with an experimental fertility drug at the beginning of his long trip through space. The corruption spreads aboard his colony ship.

This is a big project, and I’ve been looking for the right artist to help bring this story to life. I’m happy to announce that the incomparable Redoxa and Dr. Molly will illustrate this novel. We hope to have the first chapter ready next month. To celebrate, Redoxa made some teaser images for the series.

If you have an opinion on this illustrated story, please leave your feedback below. Your comments are helpful in navigating the course of future projects.

Illustrations by Redoxa and Dr. Molly:

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  1. rtr9209

    This is going to be… awesome!!!

  2. Rawls

    So glad to see you’re all as excited about this project as I am. Thank you for the feedback! Redoxa has read your comments, too, and is very happy about the reception.

  3. BigD88

    Perfect illustrations! Can’t wait.

  4. Mack

    Are you freaking kidding me?! I completely understand why you waited to do the illustrated version of this story now, this is gonna be epic!

  5. triplethreat7

    Oh man, looks great! Can’t wait.

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    Can’t wait to see the inbreeding & preggos.

  7. ChromeDragon

    Oh now I am going to have to start reading these more.
    I like the art a lot !

    Good work Redoxa !