Roll Ten for a Save Ch. 1 to 3

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When they invite a new player to their D&D night, the boys let something sinister into their house. This is a reboot of an earlier version.

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Illustrations by DixonLyrax:

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  1. Olisbo

    Aw, shame it ends with chapter 3, I’d like to see the boys use their new magic word

  2. 7Myxzptlk

    The art is fabulous. I’m excited for the next project with dixonlyrax

  3. Anteater

    This says chapter 1. Does that mean there is a chapter 2?

    1. Anteater

      This means chapter 2 is the final chapter, right?

      I love this story! Becky and Laura looked like they were having the time of their lives. I know that pregnancies are usually the result of your stories, but I am guessing that this one ends with neither of them getting knocked up.

      1. Rawls

        There will be three chapters for this story in total.

  4. Planet4

    I second that. The new artist’s style is a win in my book. Very expressive and lively.

  5. ChromeDragon

    Love the new artwork especially the dazed look of the mom the next morning.