Something in the Water Ch. 1 to 11

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An alien lands in a lake near a small town in the 1950s. The creature experiments on the population, starting first with human reproduction. No family is safe. Stay away from the water.

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Illustrations by Redoxa:

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4.8 out of 5 dark stones (based on 91 reviews)
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  1. Golfer30

    Realy liked the story. Hope its just on a brief hiatus. 👍

  2. cmj15301

    Not sure if you were aware, some of the text is missing in chapter 2 of the illustrated version of Something in the Water when Patrick and his mom first begin kissing…there are two pics back to back and missing text just before taking off glasses.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks. I was not aware. I’ll leave it as is for now and fix it depending on what happens with this project going forward.

  3. Lobria

    Can we go back to full chapters again? Also I wouldn’t mind if Redoxa focused on the stories he started first before starting new ones. It just seems like he’s all over the place also can more of his other illustrations look like this. The other stories have weird faces and body proportions at times.

    1. Rawls

      We’re not going back to full chapters. They are double the length of my current novel length chapters. They eat up too much time and my monthly budget.

  4. peacock27

    Thank the gods for Sally, and her tits!

  5. Thickdick

    Really excited for the next chapter! Last chapter was awesome, great stuff with Mrs. Rogers. Amanda’s whole scene was really hot

  6. bostant

    why are all women clothed in the illustrations? does not make sense

    1. Rawls

      I only show illustrated nudity to members on my site. I’m trying to keep the public facing site as PG-13 as possible.

  7. Lobria

    I have to say that last chapter was a big letdown seeing what the teacher look like was just not good. She didn’t look pretty and was a big turn off which sucks because that was the best part of the story and was looking forward to it. I don’t know if that’s the way she is suppose to look like but I feel you guys could’ve change that. This series is hit and miss sometimes and the faces are a big issue at times. I’m gonna keep seeing this but this has dropped down for me for series that I’m looking forward to.

  8. Novehx

    I guess november is just not a good month for rawly Rawls. 3 comics and the months almost over.

    1. Rawls

      I don’t have much control over when comics release. I don’t set any strict deadlines with illustrators. We mostly have agreements for a chapter every 1 to 2 months. Usually if there is a quiet month like this one, it means there will be lots of chapters the next month.

  9. Anteater

    Part 1 of chapter 9 was great, I look forward to what the extraterrestrial machine will do with Richard. Funny, this was how far I got in the text version.

  10. Anteater

    Chapter 8 Part 1
    It looks like Pat owns Donna now. I wonder if Donna will develop feelings for Pat now.

    1. cmj15301

      Excellent story
      Love the art work
      5 stars here

      I do long for a story where dad is made aware of sons dominance…

  11. Holyx

    For some reason it seems like chapter 8 was either not fully updated/uploaded since the chapter ended abruptly. I just looked at the text version and there still more of chapter 8.

    1. Rawls

      When I wrote this novel, the chapters were much longer than current chapters. This was creating problems for illustrating the story. So, we’re going to publish each chapter in parts going forward. I relabeled this Chapter 8 Part 1, to avoid confusion.

      1. Anteater

        Does this mean the next will be ‘Chapter 8 Part 2’ or ‘Chapter 9 Part 2’?

        1. Rawls

          The next release will be Chapter 8 Part 2.

          1. Anteater

            Considering this, I have decided not to read a chapter until all parts (this is if there are only going to be 2 parts and nothing exceeding it) are up. It just makes more sense to me than reading PART 1 then PART 2 at a later date.

  12. Anteater

    I love chapter 7. It looks like Donna fully belongs to Pat. I think Donna is 1 of my favorites.

  13. Echoxxx99

    This story is great, the art work is top notch too I can’t wait for more

  14. Kretua

    Another fascinating episode!!! Very high praise! A special plus point to the illustrator for the non-grotesque depiction.

  15. Lobria

    Hey guys. This last chapter was so much better then the other chapters. So much fucking better. The mom’s look a lot better and close up of faces. Awesome. Thank you for that and thank you for improving this. it really needed it. I’m coming back to this again so keep up the good work. Though I am curious why did the mom’s look the way they did in the beginning? Anyways see ya guys.

  16. Anteater

    Chapter 5 was great. The way Roy owned his mother was amazing to read and see. I like how Linda is almost being saved for Patrick.

  17. Slick Pillar

    I love this story so much. I’ve cummed my brains out to chapter 2 multiple times. Linda’s thick as fuck mommy body is my ideal. Just heavenly. Thank, Rawls

      1. fcbfan0000

        Chapter 6 is another great work by Redoxa. Linda is my favorite MILF. Love her figure and demeanor as a conservative 50’s mom overpowered by lust. Keep it up.!

  18. Lobria

    I feel I’m mix with this art. Sometimes it looks great and sometimes it looks great. I feel the problem is that the mom’s in this don’t look anything that I picutre in my head. Another thing Mothership the art looks so much better. I wish it looked more like that. We finally get to the teacher and boy to me that was a let down how she looked and the shots that were used. Barely any close up or non at all. Close ups to me are important with Illustrations for this cause to me seeing there faces is what makes it hot. But we barely get anything for this. Also the art work is hit and miss for me compared to his other work. I will drop by every once in awhile but that last chapter with the teacher. The way she looked and the way it was drawn far away made me want more. A little disappointed. But I will be optimistic about this and hopefully for me at least would be better. Take care Rawls.

  19. Anteater

    Love chapter 4, Caroline Rogers looked amazing.

  20. Anteater

    Chapter 3 was good. I have got nothing else to say.

  21. xpoolhalljunkie

    My favorite story, aside from maybe the Stone 🙂 And this art matches for me – I love it!

  22. MsOedipusSex

    Redoxa’s work is great and all, but there’s just something weirdly incongruent with using CGI to illustrate a story set in the 50’s. Also the proportions on the mother’s are more “rubenesque” (and not in a very flattering way) rather than “MILFY”. If this story does ever get rebooted, my vote is for Nick Eronic (his Anything for Robby re-do is great in that it reinvigorated the 1950’s vibe which was missing in the original Betty Is A Pushover).

  23. Anteater

    I love chapter 2. It is great.

  24. Dannny

    This was always my favorite story of yours, you just took it up a notch. The illustrations are a great addition! Can ‘t wait for the next chapter!

  25. Simon S.

    This used to be my 3rd favourite story. Now its definitely my first.

  26. Holyx

    Hey Rawly there some issues with Chapter 2 pictures. Towards the end, there a horizontal white line through the last few pictures. Also why does the coloring look so different. At the beginning were the colors looks faded on images and towrds the ends they look more colorful? The more colorful images looks better to me though.

    1. Rawls

      The white line problem is a known issue with some of my pdfs, you can get rid of those lines by viewing the chapter in a different PDF viewer.

      As for the color change, pay attention to this line in the story: After a minute, her mind began to return to her. She smiled down at her clean-cut teenager. Sweat
      stung her eyes. She was a fool to have fought this. Anything that felt this akin to heaven, must be
      God’s good work. She gasped for air. “It’s like … uh … I’m seeing the world in color … for the first …

  27. fcbfan0000

    Something in the water part 2…. Another masterpiece by Rawly and Redoxa! Combining you two in the same team, is like having Michael Jordan and LeBron James playing together. Hope you continue to do more stories with Redoxa.. He’s my favorite illustrator. Keep it up!!

  28. Kuanyang

    The 50’s are really back. The almost sepia overtones work great for giving it the feel of another time.

    My only nit is that the coloration doesn’t always match the description. Most glaring was page 16 talking about her emerald green circle skirt with the illustration right there showing a floral rose pattern without emerald green and none of the folds you’d expect in a circle skirt. The described blue blouse was instead closer to the emerald green that the skirt was supposed to be. It was enough to pull me out of the story for a moment. The figures, however, are dead on.

    Page 22, 4th paragraph down – “she turned off one burned” should probably be “burner”.

    1. Rawls

      Appreciate the feedback. I’ll try and do a better job of altering the text to match the illustrations in future chapters.

      1. Kuanyang

        Apologies, I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds with the feedback.

        One question, why adjust the text instead of the illustrators matching it instead?

        1. Rawls

          It’s totally fine. I truly appreciate the feedback.

          For Redoxa, because of the 3D medium, he is somewhat limited to what already exists in the software. For this story, he is building a ton from scratch, but I want to help him out by adjusting things where possible.

          1. Kuanyang

            Totally makes sense now. I didn’t realize he was limited by the software – his work is amazing.

  29. greatwhiteape

    I adore how this came out. Linda’s short statue is perfect! Just how I pictured her. Redoxa nails it again.

  30. Simon S.

    Adding the images two on of the best stories here is amazing!

  31. Rilian

    ayyyy one of my fav stories!! super hyped for the atmosphere the illustrations promote, really love the flashback to old-style interior design

  32. tuff1160

    just love seeing hot moms take their sons massive evergrowing cocks ❤️?